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Board Hears Request For Eagle Scout Project

At the Village of Oquawka board meeting held on April 3rd, Mayor Robert Eldridge advised the board an Eagle Scout was looking to complete a project for an over look deck near the area of the Phelps House.

Scott Ray advised the board the structure would be flat and plans and guidelines will be drawn up and reviewed for approval for the project. Attorney Andy Younquist advised the board to notify the insurance company about adding this area to the parks area for liability coverage.

Mayor Robert Eldridge opened the meeting and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Carey and Callie Thacker asked for approval to open a Health & Wellness, Yoga and Art Therapy business at 1100 Calhoughn Street in Oquawka. Zoning Officer John Newton advised that his area was not within the commercial zoning area. Mayor Eldridge advised a discussion of a non-conforming variance to comply with ordinance regulations with Newton.

Newton requested a portable toilet placed at the horse shoe pit for upcoming tournaments and the group playing horse shoes were willing to contribute to the cost of the rental. Mayor Eldridge said he will contact Jones Septic and try to a get a bundle deal as several toilet facilities are placed around the area throughout the summer months.

Diane Seitz addressed the board with a handout and explanation of the Emergency Medical Reserve Corps. She said that a trained group of individuals will be taught to assist in times of need throughout the county for weather elated incidents, national disaster or other states of emergency.

Trainers will come in and anyone can apply to be a part of this organization to learn First Aid and CPR along with other emergency management skills. She asked it the board would be willing to contribute funds toward covering the cost of trainings.

She will be attending and presenting this information to other towns with Henderson County.

Chris Peterson reported there are changes coming to the banking accounts held within Midwest Bank of Western Illinois. The bank is still working on the details of this transition, along with paperless statements. Peterson will be in touch with accountant Joni Blackman to ensure records will be accorded properly.

In other business the board:

In new business, Mick Olson presented a map, along with a request for appropriation for MFT funds for street repair. The motion to accept the $110,000 appropriation was made and passed.

He also identified a previous request for seal coating at the Oquawka Pool and down by the boat ramp. Quote will be presented later.

Accepted a motion for $35,000 requested appropriated for 4th Street and Schulyler Street maintenance.

A discussion was held regarding a 4 way stop sign near the pool and park. They requested extra patrol around town from the Chief of Police.

Tammy Bundy inquired about several properties with trees or bushes that need to be trimmed back for better viewing at intersection.

Mick Olson inquired of the proper name for the alley near the Jeff Tee residence and was informed it is Front Street Alley.

Trustees attending included, Nancy Bundy, Shawn Lain, Tammy Bundy, Jason Howard, Scott Ray. Hal Jern was absent.

On May 1st, the Village of Oquawka held their regular meeting with Mayor Robert Eldridge leadingthe Pledge of Allegiance.

Attorney Andy Youngquist presented the board with the Police Body Cam Ordinance which will be addressed at the June meeting.

Jeff Peterson said the plows and salt spreader was put away for the season and addressed a concern regarding a tree at Pike Street. Also on Clay Street, Larry Roberston has a limb hanging. Box scraper will be traded in for a boom.

The zoning committee had two requests for permits. One for Doran's extension and one for Carey Thacker business. Neighbors have been notified for a variance and they will schedule a variance meeting.

Police report included: 1 aggravated battery; 1 domestic; 3 car break ins; 1 criminal damage to property; 1 possession of drug paraphernalia; 1 illegal consumption of alcohol by minor; 4 ambulance calls; 5 assisting the county; 2 juvenile calls; 1 juvenile arrest; 2 tavern calls; 3 dog calls; Citations issued-1 speeding, 1 reckless driving, 1 spinning tires, 2 warnings, 3 warrants. Fines $561.82; golf cart inspections $510; mileage 2,295; fuel $231.20

Fire report: Tanker is having problems, possibly clean fuel. Brush truck suspension line issues. Truck 72 needs to be moved. There were 12 calls, steak supper, yard sales. 82 entries for the 4th of July parade, June 30th.

One bid was received for the sidewalk by the Oar House and Video Store in the amount of $9,300.

The board entered closed session at 7:12 p.m. to discuss personnel matters. Came out of closed at 7:30 p.m. and adjourned the meeting.

Trustees attending the May meeting included, Nancy Bundy, Shawn Lain, Tammy Bundy, Jason Howard, Hal Jern. Scott Ray was absent