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Meet Illini West Senior Charger

by Aryanne Westfall, The Quill

Mario Esquer

Mario Esquer is senior athlete attending Illini West high school.

"During each season I always start thinking about the end of the school year, graduation, etc" Mario said when asked about his thoughts on the season. "I always wanted to do tennis, swimming, and professional bowling".

Mario's advice to underclassmen is, "even if everything seems impossible, always seek a second chance in order to triumph".

In his spare time, Mario enjoys watching his favorite movies: Star Wars, Bettlejuice, Ghostbusters, and Twilight. He also likes listening to pop, rock, and classic orchestra music. Mario said his go-to restaurants are Panda Express, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, and Subway. His favorite things to eat include mainly Chinese and Mexican foods.

Mario's favorite athlete is "The Rock" and he very much looks up to people like Johnny Depp, and popular Youtubers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. While at school, Mario likes participating in FCS, choir, and computer class.

Mario is planning to attend college to pursue a Master's and a Doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering and Civil Design.

His parents are Consuelo Castro Palafox and Mario Arturo Esquer.