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Meet West Central Senior Heat Athlete

by Aryanne Westfeld, The Quill

Kristen Sumpter

Kristen Sumpter is a senior athlete at West Central high school who is a part of the swim team.

As for her thoughts on the season, Kristen said, "I think Kiersten Sipes and I worked hard and beat many goals this year. She managed to learn how to dive and flip in the water. I dropped 6 seconds off on my 100 yard backstroke."

The highlight of Kristen's athletic career was getting the Swim team together as a team. Last year for Sectional Kristen became sick and couldn't attend. Being able to finally get the team together and ready for all the kids to come was amazing for her.

Kristen's advice to underclassmen is to work hard. "Write down all your goals for the next meet. When you write them down, for some reason it pumps you up more to beat them," she said.

Kristen's favorite restaurant is Cheddar's and her favorite food is mashed potatoes.

In her free time, Kristen likes watching the movie "Bettlejuice', and listening to 80's rock, specifically the band Fleetwood Mac.

At school Kristen has the most fun in science class. She is also involved in track and field.

Kristen's favorite college is the University of Iowa, and her favorite athlete is Katie Ledecky.

Kristen said her role model is her mom. "(My mom) has been an awesome support system with my schooling and athletics through the years. She has always told me to shoot for my dreams and she would be by my side through whatever I choose. She has had many things pop up in her life and she continues to be the amazing woman that she is".

In her future, Kristen plans on Going to the University of Iowa and getting her BSN (Bachelors of Nursing), then, applying for the Nurse Practitioner course. She hopes to move away after college and to never come back.

Kevin and Susan Sumpter are the parents of Kristen Sumpter.