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La Harpe School Sets Graduation Date

At the La Harpe School board meeting on December 19th the board approved 7:00 p.m., May 25, 2018 as 8th grade promotion.

The board also approved:

On January 6, at 9 a.m. the board will hold a strategic planning meeting, and on January 16, at 6 p.m., before the regular monthly meeting, a Committee of the Whole will meet to review the newest policy updates.

Dr. Olson included the most recent report of reimbursements, not yet processed totaling $77,076, for FY18 which have been vouchered by the state, but are still awaiting payment.

The district completed and passed lead testing for all potable water, which is a new compliance item for school districts.

Dr. Olson and the board discussed the challenges for students who turn 15 years old with an individualized Education Plan while still attending junior high. By law, the students automatically become the responsibility of the high school district, which would warrant an agreement between the high school and elementary districts for the student to complete the optimal transition to a high school curriculum.

A set of classroom Chrome books may be gifted to the district from a local benefactor, moving the district another step closer to one-to-one computing in the classrooms.

School employees were very grateful to the board for the Christmas turkeys and hams.

Principal McKeown gave an update on junior high athletics. Due to low numbers of players, 4th grade girls have been invited to play on the 5th grade volleyball team.

8th grade students were given the PSAT test at Illini West.

The preschool held a “Fine Motor Run” Family Night, and the PTO hosted a “Breakfast with Santa” fundraiser, which was well-attended.

The Pre-K, grades K-4 and grades 5-8 Christmas programs were held with a special thank-you given Mrs. Mencel for the outstanding K-4 grade Christmas madrigal.

The junior high students enjoyed a movie at the theater in Macomb and classrooms held their Christmas parties.

The teachers worked on school improvement topics such as student engagement, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities, questioning and creativity, before heading out for Christmas break.

Several area organizations have donated items for needy students and their families during this season, which are much appreciated.

Some volunteers plan to provide weekend backpack meals for needy students through a Hancock County grant that is available.

Present were: President Bobi James; members-Brian Brown, Lacey Covert, Dustin Detherage, and Darren Spangler; Superintendent Olson; Principal McKeown; and Secretary Jeanne Clayton.

La Harpe School Board meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month in the school library.

Agendas and approved minutes are posted on the website at