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Meet West Central Senior Heat Athlete

Sydney Stewart

Sydney Stewart is a Senior at West Central High School who is a part of the color guard.

When asked what she thought about the season so far she replied with the following, “We did good and definitely tried our best; we’ll always have room to grow but, I hope next year it can continue to grow and the numbers increase, along with the hopes that we’ll be able to collaborate with the cheerleaders”. She then spoke of her athletic highlights, “Doing color guard these last two years would probably have to be the highlight of my athletic career, mostly because I don’t do other sports”.

Sydney’s advice to underclassmen is, “Just try (color guard) out. Not only is it not as hard as it looks but we just try to keep it fun and exiting too”.

Outside of school activities and color guard, Sydney enjoys eating at Applebee’s, and her favorite food is pasta. She also loves the movie Resident Evil and listens to all sorts of music in her spare time. On top of color guard, Sydney participates in play, yearbook, and art club. She likes the college Reno Nevada, as it is where she will be attending, and her favored subject in school is art.

Sydney told us her role model is her mom.

In time, Sydney plans to go to college, figure out her major, and the hopes to pursue and obtain a job pertaining to said major.

Darren Stewart and Aimee Kelly are the parents of Sydney Stewart.