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Meet West Central Senior Heat Athlete

Aaron Shinn

Aaron Shinn is a senior at West Central and is in choir this school year. He enjoys singing with his fellow classmates and participating in concerts. Aaron says his favorite part of this year so far was participating in the Christmas concert and looks forward to the solo and ensemble competition.

Aaron's advice to underclassmen is to, "Stand tall and respect yourself".

He prefers to stay at home rather than going out to eat and his favorite food is chicken cordon bleu with alfredo and broccoli.

In his freetime, Aaron enjoys listening to alternative music and playing guitar. His favorite subject is World History. Besides choir, Aaron is also in the play, and hopes to join track later in the year.

Aaron is planning to attend college after highschool, and, as he completes his required classes, intends to graduate with his 2018 classmates.

Tina Olson and James Shinn of Monmouth are the parents of Aaron Shinn.