The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Catfish/Chicken Fry Ends; Committee Donates $8,000 For New Shelter House

Tobias Recognized, Stop Signs, Street Closures, Junk Discussed

by Lisa Ray for "The Quill"

Monday night, the Oquawka regular board meeting was opened up by Mayor Robert Eldridge at City Hall and heard from Trustee Nancy Bundy that this was the last year for the Oquawka Catfish/Chicken Fry.

The 4th of July committee has raised $8000.00 from the event and would like to construct a new 20'x 40' shelter house at the Museum Park. Bundy said the approximate total cost will be $13,374.59 before tax.

Oquawka trustee Scott Ray made a motion, seconded by Trustee Shawn Lain to proceed with the shelter house at Museum Park using the $8000.00 they raised and the Oquawka Village will pay up to $7000.00 in additional expenses if it is needed.

Mayor Eldridge noted the Workman's Comp insurance has decreased in cost by $1005. A motion made by Trustee Lain, seconded by Trustee Ray was approved to pay Porter-Hay Insurance Company $7984.00.

Also, good news was heard from Trustee Hal Jern who recognized Bill Tobias for his 50 years of service to the community with the Oquawka Volunteer Fire Department.

Tobias has done much for the department and for the community in various roles.

Mayor Eldridge opened the floor for discussion to anyone not on the agenda who would like to speak for the limited 3 minutes allowed. Jeff Tee said he would like to see new signage placed at the boat harbor due to people blocking the ramps.

Fire Chief Troy Jern gave the fire report. He requested stop signs to be placed at 5th and Edwards due to numerous accidents there. Decision was made to remove the overgrown bush in that area and have resident move a camper that is blocking view before placing a stop sign.

In Jeff Peterson's Streets Report, Jeff will get bids to remove some overgrown trees.

A Motion made by Trustee Lain and seconded by Trustee T. Bundy to accept bid from Frame-Kon Construction to fix the sidewalk and curb in front of the Oar House and Sandbar Video was approved.

A motion was made by Trustee T. Bundy, seconded by Trustee Ray for installation of two 4 foot wide docks at the end of Schuyler Street by Cat Walks.

Attorney Andy Youngquist discussed junk and debris within the Oquawka Village. Then, a motion was made by Trustee N. Bundy and seconded by Trustee Ray to have Attorney Youngquist send a letter of abatement to Don McVey.

Zoning Officer John Newton noted he has issued 2 permits. Two bids were received for trash removal for the yearly Village clean-up day. Review will be tabled to the August 16th work session.

During Parks and Recreation, Brenda Tee asked for 6th thru 2nd streets and from the alley to the Cutting Edge 5th street to be closed during the Schuyler Street Stroll.

Tee also requested permission to have the Re-enactors set up on Second and Pike streets, the property behind the Horse Shoe pits. A motion was made by Trustee Ray, seconded by Trustee T. Bundy to pay $800.00 for porta potties during the Schuyler Street Stroll.

Trustee T. Bundy made a request to close the street between DC's and the Township Hall on September 8th for the Annual Roo's Ride.

Chris Peterson noted that water meters have not been read. She has tried to contact the meter reader with no response.

Old Business: A motion was made by Trustee N. Bundy, seconded by Trustee Jern to approve the new debit/credit card program to pay water bills which was approved.

A motion by Trustee T. Bundy, seconded by Trustee N. Bundy was approved to Frame-Kon Construction $24,800 for repair of 4th and Schuyler Intersection as outlined by our engineers. The cost will be paid from MFT fund.

New Business: Slim McGann owner of Mama's Place was present to ask permission to hang a sign on 7th and Schuyler Street. Trustee T. Bundy will make contacts to review the federal code requirements. If the sign is within the guidelines it will be okay.

Parks and Tourism Representative Brenda Tee asked for permission to complete paperwork on behalf of the Village in order to apply for grants for the Boat Harbor area. Motion was made by Trustee T. Bundy and 2nd by Trustee Jern to allow Brenda Tee and Village Clerk Jacqueline Smith work together to get the initial paperwork (GATA) completed.

A motion approved was made by Trustee Howard, seconded by Trustee Ray to give permission to apply for the OSLAD grant once it becomes available for the Riverside Park.

A representative from J&S Computers discussed with the board the renewal of IT support and possible computer upgrades needed. A motion approved was made by Trustee N. Bundy and Trustee T. Bundy to renew the monthly fee of $80.00 and add the sonic wall sofo and battery backup for an additional one time fee of $1519.00.

Motion made by Trustee T. Bundy and 2nd by Trustee Jern to adjourn at 7:55p.m.

Present were: Mayor Robert Eldridge, Trustees Hal Jern, Scott Ray, Jason Howard, Tammy Bundy, Shawn Lain, Nancy Bundy, Village Attorney Andy Youngquist and Village Clerk Jaqueline Smith.