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Megan Box Employed As Raritan Attorney

Village of Raritan Trustees voted to employ Megan Box as Village Attorney, at their regular meeting held on July 12th.

Clerk Jim Blender called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Trustee Sammy Blender led in prayer.

Bills presented and approved were: Phil Anders $89; Dennis Rankin $196; Dallas Rural Water $628.50; Waste Management $1,101.60; Blender Mowing $820; Murphy's $160; Carlyn Anders $55; Mike Knapp $80.

A discussion was held regarding the drainage problem on the Nisius' property. Jim will make a list of what tiles will be needed for repair and give it to the village.

The board voted to put a steel roof on the shelter house for $2, 130 for material. A color will be decided on next month.

Norm Menzenberg was approved to repair the park benches.

Mike and Jim will take the flags down.

It was reported that there is a possible grant available to update the park equipment.

The tile holes by the Baptist Church and Nisius' property was tabled until the attorney can check it out.

Present were: Trustees Phil Anders, Rob Williamson, Dwayne Magee, Sammy Blender, Michael Knapp, Yvonne Knapp, and Clerk Jim Blender. Visitor Jim Nisius arrived at 7:07 p.m.