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Meet West Central Junior

by Aryanne Westfall, The Quill

Annamae Brown

Meet Annamae Brown, a junior attending West Central High School who was born April 24th in Burlington, IA and raised in Stronghurst.

She currently is 16 years old and works as a hostess at Applebees, Burlington, IA.

Annamae is a WHS track member and is proud of her team.

"So far our track team has done pretty great. Even though a lot of our meets have been cancelled due to bad weather conditions. But, overall, we are becoming strong, not only as individuals but as a team itself. We will continue to push ourselves and become even better."

Annamae advises underclassmen and incoming freshman to participate in as much as they are able to. "Get involved!" she said. "It doesn't matter what it is, but do something! High school is only four years, so make the most of it."

Annamae enjoys participating in Physical Education classes while attending school. She is also involved in many other activities. For example, she partakes in Girl Scouts, FBLA, choir, soccer, band, and is the president of Highway 34 Voices. Her hobbies include engaging in all of these after-school curricular.

Annamae has one younger brother named Mikey who is in middle school, and has a young Basset Hound pup named Dolly who she cares for very much and says is a very loving, trusting dog.

When she graduates high school, Annamae hopes to attend college and work towards a degree or career in business.

Annamae said that her role model is her mother, Crystal Brown. "She has worked so hard and has been through so much, yet she still manages to teach and raise Mikey and myself."

Annamae involves herself in many community activities and works hard for what she wants. She is an intelligent and talented young girl. These qualities she earned with determination and effort put forth throughout her life.