The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1923 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, Oct.26, 1923

FIRST NUMBER IN LYCEUM COURSE: One of the really enjoyable numbers of the current Lyceum season will be the appearance of the Virginia Girls Quintet of merry musical maids who will introduce some delightful novelty features in their program to be given Monday night at the U.P.Church. They feature, of course, the beloved, old melodies of the Southland. Special costume numbers are given too and all in all the Virginia Girls program is the kind that lingers in the memory. Miss Velma Fike, director and first violinist, is a remarkable gifted young artist.

(Mr. Robert McDill refused to resign as Chairman of the County Republican Central Committee so after soliciting the opinion of Walter A. Rosenfield, Chairman of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee, the group voted him out and elected C.R. Pendarvis of Media as his successor.)

Dr. L. EMERSON GOES TO LAHARPE: Dr. L. Emerson who since the dissolution of the firm of Marshall & Emerson has had several openings in view has finally decided to open an office in the practice of medicine at LaHarpe and left for that place this week.

SPELLING BEE: An old fashioned Community Spelling Bee will be held at the Rest Room in Stronghurst on Oct.27th. First and second prized will be given to the two best spellers. During the recess free lunch will be served. Those desiring to spell will be fined five cents. Admission: Adults-25 cents; Children-15 cents.

LIGHTING UP THE TOWN: The large poles for the boulevard lights arrived the first of the week and were distributed to the different points where they are to be set up. They are very ornamental and will greatly add to the appearance of the street. George Dixson was given the contract and the poles were made by the Murray Iron Works at Burlington, Iowa.

NEW BUICK CARS IN TOWN: Fred Johnson is driving a new Buick roadster purchased from T.C.Knutstrom and yesterday the latter returned from Chicago with a Buick touring car for Shore Hollingsworth. Several other sales have been made, but they are unable to get deliveries on cars. (World War I is over and slowly the automobile industry is returning to manufacturing cars.)

MEDIA MEANDERINGS: The M.E. Church will give a Halloween party and oyster supper in the building recently vacated by James A. Callow Co.  Mrs. Alphonso Beall was quite sick the past week from an attack on tonsillitis and Grippe but is able to be around again.  Mrs. M. B. Drain is confined to her bed by an attack of lumbago.  Mr. and Mrs. Oren Norris are the proud parents of an 8 lb. baby girl.  Error made is last week s reporting: Miss Mildred Lawyer is confined to her home by a severe attack of tonsillitis and expects to go to the hospital for the removal of them.  Emory Cavins, our R.F.D. carrier, will move soon from the Fred Ross farm south of town to the M. B. Drain property on Main Street.  A Rally Day program was given at the U. P. Church.

BIGGSVILLE BRIEFS: Will Glenn and Mrs. Ida Gibb drove to Fairfield to visit Oscar Glen who is suffering with a dangerous carbuncle on the back of his neck; at last report he was some better.  The high school football team played Roseville.  Mr. and Mrs. Will Glenn visited Mrs. Roy Kilgore at the Burlington Hospital.  She will soon be removed to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Graham until she is able to go to her own home in town.  Mr. and Mrs. Herb Jamison are called grandpa and grandma once more as word was received of the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Glen Snodgrass of Des Moines, Iowa.  Mrs. Snodgrass was formerly Mary Jamison.  A dumb-bell drill will be given next Tuesday night at the high school at the regular school meeting of the Parent-Teachers club.  The drill will be given by members of the grade school in Mr. Gady's room and directed by Miss Emma Wright. A Halloween entertainment was given at the Coloma School which was well attended.  A program by the pupils was followed by refreshments of cider, pumpkin pie, doughnuts and coffee; $22.50 was realized.