The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1923 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, Nov. 22, 1923

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Under the direction of Supervisor Sandy of Gladstone Township the one and a half miles of road running south from Gladstone to the recently paved new state road has been treated with 265 loads of crushed rock.  The present width of 10 ft. of this material is to be increased to 12 ft. and the cost, exclusive of the hauling which was donated and an additional donation of $50 worth of gasoline is estimated at $1,106.  Of this amount the county will pay $530 and Gladstone Township $567.  H. A. Adair purchased from Calvin Thompson the latter’s herd of 19 Polled Hereford cattle. Perry Stamp and family are again residents of the village having purchased their former home in the north part of town and moved there. Dan Shook has disposed of his five acre tract of land on the north edge of town to Clem Jarvis and has bought the Mudd farm north of town consisting of about 60 acres. Owing to the prevailing scarcity of turkeys in this locality, it looks as though some less aristocratic fowl will have to take his place on the Thanksgiving Day board in some homes. Mrs. Beecher, who has been living with her sister, Mrs. H. A. Adair on the Adair farm near Old Bedford, loaded up her household goods for Minnesota where she expects to make her home with her mother. Roy Shook and family who have been living at Green Forest, Ark. are returning to Illinois accompanied by Claude Hurd and Mr. and Mrs. Vic Dyer, who recently went south from Kansas expecting to spend the winter in Arkansas. 

With the good weather that has prevailed, farmers in this locality have been making rapid progress with their corn picking and a few have already finished. The yield in some cases is reported to be below what was expected. Agnes Ahlers, Helena Reedy, Lucile Nolan, Lola Lindberg and Margaret Lee were guests at a slumber party given by Mrs. Perce Veech at her home southeast of Stronghurst in honor of her daughter Jessie’s 10th birthday. The Apt Sisters wish to announce that they still have a number of copies of their Poems of Good Seed. This is an excellent collection of poems and for sale at a reasonable rate. A new “cash and carry” meat market has been opened up in the building occupied by the Wax Mercantile Co., one door north of the post office with Ed Stine as manager. 

BIGGSVILLE BRIEFS: Mrs. Carrie Graham left for Galesburg where she with son Russell will journey to Chicago where it is possible she will undergo another operation for a growth in her mouth. The Country Club met at the home of Mrs. Alph Renwick. The subject was “Thanksgiving” and each member answered roll call by something for which they were thankful. Mrs. Agnes Adair and daughters moved to Monmouth where the girls have work. Mrs. Gail Edwards left for Iowa City where her husband holds a position with the Longarcine Grupe Co.  Dr. Z. C. Shum recently purchased the property from Al Stotts and has moved into it.  Roy West left for Pasadena, Calif., where he will spend the winter with his parents. 

OLENA OBSERVATIONS: Mrs. Ruth Browning has been quite sick, but is recovering.  Mrs. Harold Simonson has returned from the Burlington Hospital to her home near Olena is getting along nicely being cared for by her sister-in-law and her mother.  Both Mr. John Peterson and Mr. Clas Carlson are numbered with the sick but are convalescing.  Mrs. Peter Dahl is recovering from a recent illness when she had symptoms of appendicitis.  Mrs. Charles White has been removed from the Charles Lyons home to Stronghurst so as to be near her physician.  Mr. Avery has moved his family from the village to Gladstone.  Mr. Johnson, a brother-in-law of Mr. Pendry, has bought the Olena property vacated by Pendry.  About 100 young people, young and old, attended a dancing party at the John Dixon home Saturday night. Many other attended a similar affair at the Likely home northwest of Olena the same evening. A dancing party was given for young people Tuesday evening at the Montroy home near Biggsville. 

MEDIA MEANDERINGS: The ladies Missionary Society of the U. P. Church will give the pageant, “Grandmother’s Dream Come True,” at the church.  The yearly Thank Offering will be lifted.  C. R. Pendarvis accompanied a shipment of stock to Chicago.  Gail Heap shelled corn for Roy Park and E. G. Lewis.