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Being a "Grand"Mother has its Blessings

Having children and being a mother is such a blessing, but having a loving mom who always had my back, whether with helping hands or her constant prayers and teachings is something one carrys for eternity. As Mothers Day nears, those of us who have lost a loving mother reflect on how very much her presence is missed.

The bond between mother and child that children fight to escape, comes because they just want their own way, or they want to do it without instruction or guidance, or so they think. However, we "grandparents" know we never stop needing our moms, their help, their concern, because you'll never find a love so strong, a bond that is forever. I was reminded of that watching my grandchildren and their parents. It's like I am reliving the past, but with so much more understanding about the cycle of life.

I see parents panic about sending their kids to college thinking it is the last they'll see of them, knowing they really don't know how much they have given and care.

Since I'm a Grandmother, I can smile because I know the first person graduates call with a need, or to share a joy or just to talk is their mom. I relax, too, because I know their parents have done a great job and God has big plans for each of them. So, congratulaions Noah Jayne Andrews who will receive her high school diploma at Grapevine Faith, TX, May 12th and attend SCAD in GA on an art scholarship; Josh Andrews, who will receive his high school diploma at Waukee, IA and head for Univ. of Iowa on a track scholarship; Ali (Postle) Burgus who receives her LPN at Southeastern Community College in West Burlington, IA and heads for California to meet Marine husband "Kevin", then taking classes for her R.N. degree.

Grandkids, seek God's ways, He will direct your paths...and call mom often!!!

Ali earned her LPN pin-will seek her R.N.

Josh won 800, 4x800 at Drake, heads for U of IA

Noah Jayne Andrews is headed to SCAD in GA