The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Art Kane Left An Example To Follow

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

January 18, 2017

Almost all of us who knew Art Kane of Media, felt the same thing:we had a good friend and confidant. You always knew your visit would be upbeat, constructive, and fun.

As a newspaper publisher, our lives crossed many times because every event I went to you could almost count on Art being in attendance.

In fact, Art attended almost everything and regularly brought articles into the newspaper. He seemed to me to have his hand in about everything in the county.

After talking to Sonny Farquhar, who was St Patrick's Catholic church trustee alongside Art for thirty years, I found out they started the building of St. Pat's Community Center.

His memorial was designated for ongoing work at the Community Center and so Art is still making things happen for the good of Henderson County and his church, even after death.

Art was involved in getting a restaurant in Raritan. He helped with the county museusms in Raritan, supported Heritage Trails, the Cancer Society, Relay for Life, the county fair, the building of the Henderson County Library, area fire departments, the auxiliary, attended ballgames, fundraisers, every church and organization's suppers, the Historical Society, Republican and Democratic fish frys, funerals, weddings, and on and on.

He also attended events in neighboring counties and around the state with many trips to the museum in Springfield with family members encouraging his nieces and nephews in the love of history.

His last push was to make sure the state of Illinois celebrated the state's 200th birthday and I was able to share the message with Art that Governor Rauner had indeed appointed a commission to get the ball rolling.

Art had made a list of people who he wanted to help with the county's local celebration and he so much wanted to be a part of that planning. He had Bicentennial magnets made in the shape of the state of Illinois which he passed out to encourage and remind people.

His love for God and his church, family, friends and homeland kept him at peace.

In this final month, a book, written by a classmate Ron Isaacson of memories growing up in the area gave family members something to read to Art that he really enjoyed. His sister-in-law Shirley said he asked, "Read me again the part about Dr. Pogue", also a classmate who died April of 2013. Both icons of the community buried at St. Pat's Cemetery.

Rest in peace, our dear friend. You have left us a good example to follow.