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Illini West Board Discusses Farm Contract; Approves Ping Pong Club

by Joy Swearingen, Correspondent

At the Sept. 20 Illini West board meeting, the board discussed the farm lease for 54 acres of land purchased on Rt. 94 in Durham Township last spring. A one-year lease was given to Carroll Family Farm in May.

The board agreed that a three-year contract should be prepared and offered for bids later this year. The board was assured that soil testing and maintaining fertility would be addressed in the contract.

Chris Greenhalge, IT director, explained plans for a proposed Ping Pong Club. The group would meet weekly to play ping pong and look for tournaments in the area which they could pursue. They might have some lunch hour game time, and organize intramural contests at the school.

Many students are interested in this club and have already secured donation of a table, paddles and balls. The PE staff and band teacher have approved using the stage for the tables, which can be folded and moved when needed.

The board approved continuing to form the club with Greenhalge as the volunteer sponsor.

A hearing on the Illini West High School budget for fiscal year 2018 was rescheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 18, at 6:45 p.m. just prior to the regular October board meeting.

The hearing allows for public comment on the budget before it is adopted. The budget, presented in August, can be viewed at the superintendent's office.

The board approved early graduation for Joey Gambrell, who will have met all requirements by December. He has been accepted into a Rotary Student Exchange program, and will travel to Brazil in January for a one-year experience, attending school and learning about the culture.

Principal Scott Schneider reported on initial work with the School Improvement Plan Team. He said there are 26 areas tied to the plan for which the team must set goals, identify strengths and weaknesses, and create action steps.

In other business, the board:

The following surplus was approved: FCS-5 old cookie sheets, 10 well-used cutting boards, 12 old sauce pans, 8 broken lids, broken sunbeam harvest gold mixer, misc. old and worn out oven mitts/hot pads, misc. sizes, old and odd bowls and bakeware pans, and Panasonic microwave . Other surplus: 6 large chairs that roll, 7 broken student desk, 4 projectors 3 4-drawer file cabinets, 1 5 drawer file cabinet, 3 2-drawer file cabinet, 1-teacher desk, 2 old white computer tables, 1 brown computer table, 2 small carts that roll, and books-all kinds of boxes.