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Hancock County Board Settles With Hollister Company

At the August 22nd meeting of the Hancock County board members approved a Settlement Agreement with Hollister Company concerning a proposed ambulance building on recently purchased property west of the Sheriff's Office.

Scheetz cast the only no vote. Two thousand dollars was paid to Hollister Company when the business started planning the proposed building. Hancock County abandoned the project and purchased another property.

The settlement is an additional payment for $9,000. This resolves the Hollister Company claim for $20,000.

Steven Bolton moved to have Gabe Smeltser investigate the possible sale of the property purchased for a proposed ambulance building.

The property is the abandoned construction project site (which was the object of the Hollister Company settlement.

The motion was approved on a 13-1 vote with Delbert Kreps voting no. Don Little noted there is likely an existing survey and easement for the property.

Nathan Cobb of the McDonough County Public Transportation presented an agreement with Hancock County, the City of Macomb, and Durham School Services, L.P. as parties to the agreement.

The City of Macomb will provide dispatch services for public transportation. Durham School Services, L.P. will operate the public transportation service.

Most of the funding is provided by an "Operating Assistance Grant" administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Dennis Castlebury made the motion with Don Little seconding and it passed on a 9-4 vote. (Bollin, Bolton, Scheetz, Smith casting the no votes.)

Terry Pope, Hancock County Economic Development said the Workforce Investment Center Board will have an employment and training seminar on Tuesday, August 29th at noon. It was targeted to 17 to 24 year olds.

Kathy Sparrow, Chairman of the Hancock County Republican Central Committee, presented a letter of recommendation for the appointment of Patsy Davis to the vacated county board seat of Tony Slater in District 5. A vote approved the appointment.

In other business:

Present: Chairman Delbert Kreps; County Clerk Kerry Asbridge; Members, Wayne Bollin, Steven Bolton, Dennis Castlebury, Pat Cramer, Gary Dittmer, Janet Fleming, Mark Hanson, Don Little, Mark Menn, Thomas Scheetz, Jerry Smith, Bryan Stevens; Sheriff Scott Bentzinger; County Engineer Elgin Berry; Nathan Cobb of the McDonough County Public Transportation; County Treasurer Kristine Pilkington; Hancock Public Building Commissioner John Massie; Ambulance Coordinator Gabe Smeltser; reporter Joy Swearingen of the Hancock County Journal Pilot; Visitors, Mike Heisler, Marlys Heisler, Dan Morehouse, Kathy Sparrow, Bob Shutwell, Steve Siegrist, Lisa Weeks, and other citizens supporting the Warsaw ambulance also present.

On September 7th. a board meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chairman Delbert Kreps, an invocation was given by Don Little and the "Pledge of Allegiance was led by Clerk Kerry Asbridge.

Mr. Kreps announce he was informed at a late time that attorneys were not prepared for the hearing, which was the purpose of the meeting. They requested delay of the hearing.

Mr. Kreps apologized for the situation. He also said he would express his disappointment that the attorneys waited until a late time to notify him.

He noted his father's health required admission to a nursing home that day and that many board members probably had other commitments, too.

The board adjourned at 6:35 p.m.