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Dollar General Crashes Staff Meeting

Dollar General District Manager, Ryan Miller and Local Manager Sheryl Kline, of La Harpe crashed a La Harpe Elementary school staff meeting this Tuesday September 12th. But don't worry, they had a wonderful surprise.

Miller, on behalf of Dollar General, presented the administrators with a $2,500 donation to be used to support the school's library or specialized literacy program. He also presented fifty-nine $50-gifts-cards for each teacher, administrator, and staff member who so many times reach in their own pockets to buy school supplies for classrooms and students.

"Dollar General appreciates teachers, staff and administrators," Miller said. We want to help with the school with their literacy program and help staff with supplies they purchase out-of-pocket at the school's local store."

According to the Education Market Association, most teachers spend out of pocket each year with 10% of teachers spending $1,000 or more. Teachers and administrators were excited and appreciative of these gifts, Principal Lila McKeown said.

Miller said Dollar General does many things to help out communities but the company is so large, it is often never seen.

La Harpe Principal Lila McKeown receives a $2,500 check from Dollar General District Manager Ryan Miller and fifty-nine $50 gift cards for the staff.