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Biggsville Mayor Resigns

At the September 6th, Village of Biggsville meeting, the clerk read a letter of resignation addressed to the residents of Biggsville and the Village Board from Mayor Amanda Guyton. Mayor Guyton stated it had been a pleasure serving the Village of Biggsville the past few years. We are all very grateful for her service.

Diane made a motion to appoint Brian Sterett as Mayor Pro Tem, Dick 2nd. Four voted pro and one voted nay. Motion carried by majority.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with the pledge of allegiance.

There was no discussion in open forum.

Marilyn and Judy met with the Auditor this week she had a few suggestions. She would like us to combine some of our accounts. Marilyn will see which accounts we can either eliminate or combined.

She would also like a board member to initial the bank reconciliations. Everything else was fine.

Nanci made a motion to accept the minutes, bills and treasurer report Kevin 2nd motion carried.

James reported that the village truck was being looked at for repairs. He will get in contact with Scott Implement and see exactly what the problems consist of.

It was reported that the men's toilet at Reid Park needs to be fixed. It is running all the time.

Also, the restrooms have been trashed on several occasions. The trash needs to be put out in the proper place so it can be picked up.

We will contact Jackson Disposal to make sure Water Street is included in the trash pickup.

Dick Reid said he would trim the apple trees at Reid Park up high enough so the kids cannot get to the apples.

Jerry Weibel was seeking permission to use donated railroad ties to help with erosion at Biggs Park.

Brian suggested they look at the back of the park and see what needs to be done to control the erosion.

They would like a shelter over the picnic table at Biggs Park using lumber from Lindo field Lions Club cooking shelter. It was decided that lumber was not usable.

Brian suggested we have someone do a drawing of a shelter for the picnic table at Biggs Park. Jerry will talk to a friend and see what they could do.

Old Business:

Certified letters will be mailed to several residents concerning trash on their premises.

Those that are able to help will meet on Saturday, September 16 at 10:00 a.m. to move the shed from Jerry Weibel's to behind the community building.

New Business:

The brackets for the Christmas lights will cost approximately $50.00 apiece. We will have to check and see how many we will need. We will have to contact an electrician to install any new receptacle on the light poles and possible replacement of any broken receptacles.

Ameren IL will help them in anyway, but it was reported that they do not install them.

Kathie Curtiss made a motion to go into executive session at 8:10 p.m. Dick Goff 2nd the motion. It carried.

Nanci made a motion to come out of executive session at 8:36 p.m. Diane 2nd motion carried.

Dick made a motion to adjourn at 8:38 p.m. Kevin 2nd it. The motion carried.

Members present were: Kathie Curtiss, Richard Goff, Diane Gonzalez, Kevin Mortimer, Brian Sterett, and Nanci Sterett

Others present were: Marilyn Simmons, Treasurer; Judy Gravgaard, Clerk; and James Rogers.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy L. Gravgaard

Village Clerk