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Village of Oquawka Board Praise Organizers Of Successful Schuyler Street Stroll

by Lisa Ray, The Quill

Schuyler Street Stroll

Mayor Eldridge and Zone Officer John Newton both praised everyone who came together to make the Schuyler Street Stroll a huge success! He also thanked the Fire Department for cleaning the fire station for the purpose of using it for the Veterans Memorial Breakfast fundraiser.

Moment Of Silence

The Village of Oquawka Board met for their regular monthly meeting on October 3, 2017.

Mayor Eldridge opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and followed with a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in Las Vegas.


Motion made by Trustee T. Bundy and 2nd by Trustee Howard to award bid to Small Town Landscape & Tree Service to remove 2 trees within the village and village employees will clean up and haul away.

Motion made by Trustee Nancy Bundy and 2nd by Trustee Lumbeck to purchase a Backpack Blower to help with the street clean up from the Cutting Edge.

Trustee Nancy Bundy asked the Village employee Jeff Peterson to put gravel at the boat ramp.

Village employee Jeff Peterson reported the pool has been winterized.

Zoning Officer John Newton reported he had issued 1 permit and the Village Board had okayed 2 variances for the month.


Sunday, October 29th has been set the Annual Village Wiener Roast beginning at 5:00pm at the end of Schuyler Street.

Old Business:

The Oquawka Current chose to not renew their lease with the Village.

Discussion of emergency snow routes and internet service were tabled until the work session scheduled for October 19th.

New Business:

Marilyn McKee and Jean Dunn were present to ask permission to have the annual Christmas parade on Saturday December 2nd.


Trick or Treating in Oquawka will be held Tuesday, October 31st from 6:00pm - 8:00pm.

After a discussion, no motion was made to allow gambling machines at Day Break gas station.

Minutes and bills were approved for Sept. and the treasurer's report for August.


Police Chief Keith Dejaynes reported Officer Russell has resigned.

Police Report:

Criminal: 2- Domestic Battery, 1-Battery, 1-DUI, 2- Breach of Peace.

Assisting: 5-Ambulance, 4-County.

Juvenile Calls: 3, Tavern Calls: 3, Ordinance Violation: 1, Dog Calls: 5.

Golf cart/Side by Side inspections: 1

Traffic Violations: Speeding -2, Stop sign - 1, Improper Lane Usage -1, Warnings -14, Warrants - 3.

Other Calls: 69

Fines: $905.89

Impoundment Fee: $250.00

Total: $1155.89

Mileage: 1876 Fuel: 155.8

Present: Mayor Robert Eldridge, Village Secretary Jaqueline Smith, Trustees Hal Jern, Jason Howard, Tammy Bundy, Debbie Lumbeck, Nancy Bundy and Village Attorney Andy Younquist.

Trustee Scott Ray was absent.

Meeting adjourned at 7:12pm

The next regular meeting is set for Tuesday, Novemer 7th at the Oquawka Village Hall at 6:30 p.m.