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Brimfield/Elmwood Trojans Spoil Illini West Homecoming

If you only listened to the first six minutes of the Illini West homecoming game you would have believed the Chargers had a good chance to upset the undefeated Brimfield/Elmwood Trojans.

The Trojans received the football and returned it to their 45 yard line. On 4 plays they moved the ball down to the IW 36 yard line. On the Trojans next play they fumbled the ball away to the Chargers at the Chargers 35 yard line.

Colton Sargent ran for 5 yards, Nick Voorhies ran 2 yards and then Michael Lord ran 7 yards for a first down. After a incomplete pass, Sargent gained 5 more yards, Voorhies gained 4. On a 4th and less than 1 yard, QB Jackson Porter pushed forward to gain 1 yard and a first down. Colton Sargent lost 2 yards, then on a second down Sargent gained 3 yards. On third down QB Porter passed to Carter Boyer. Boyer gained 28 yards but fumbled as he was being tackled at the 12 yard line.

The Trojans would drive 88 yards on 11 plays to score with 3:19 left in the 1st quarter to take an 8-0 lead.

The Trojans would pin the Chargers back on the 10 yard line on their kickoff. The Chargers were forced to punt, and the Trojans returned it back to the six yard line. One play and the Trojan's had another 8 points.

On IW's next possession they were again forced to punt and the Trojans ran it back to the IW 31 yard line. Six plays later and the Trojans hit pay dirt to stretch their lead to 22-0.

The Chargers made 1st down on their next possession and then were forced to punt again.

The Trojans moved the ball from their own 25 yard line up to the midfield. Isaac Schreake recovered a fumble for IW with 5:02 left in the half.

The Chargers put together a drive and advanced all the way down to the Trojans 3rd yard line. With 8 seconds left the Chargers used their last timeout. They would have 1 play to try to score. Michael Lord carried the ball across the goal line for a touchdown with only 3 seconds left in the half. The extra point failed but the Chargers now trailed 22-6.

Nick Voorhies collected 34 yards on 9 carries during the TD drive. The Chargers had 4th and 1 situation which they converted into 1st downs also.

The second half was all B/E. They scored on every possession in the second half to rout the Chargers by a 60-6 score.

The Trojans held the Chargers to 1 first down the entire 2nd half. The Chargers 1 one first down came on a Voorhies 37 yard gain.

The B/E Trojans packed up 370 yards for the game while holding the Chargers to 56 yards gained in the second half.

The Trojans have a 6-0 record and are ranked #3 in the state in their class.

Voorhies tallied 98 yards on 26 carries, Lord 32 yard and 1 TD on 10 carries, and Sargent gained 14 yards on 5 carries. Porter was 1 for 6 in passing for 28 yards.

The Chargers travel to Havana on October 6th at 7 p.m. for their next game.