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Meet West Central Senior Heat Athlete

Todd Hawley

Todd Hawley is a senior this year and plays on the West Central basketball team. Todd says he's optimistic and excited for what's to come this season.

Todd enjoys training with his teammates and advises underclassmen to work hard for what they want.

His favorite place to eat is Taco Bell, and his favorite food is fried chicken. Todd likes the movie "Road Trip" and listens to a lot of "trap" and "rap" music.

Todd enjoys P.E when he is at school, and his favorite college is Western Illinois University in Macomb. He likes the NBA Golden State Warriors players- Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

Todd says his role model has to be his older sister, Talya Lovell.

When asked what his future plans were, Todd said he wasn't too sure, but knew he wanted to go to college for 2-4 years and make a decent living.

Todd Hawley lives in Stronghurst. His parents are Tina Parkins and Chuck Hawley.