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Meet West Central Senior Heat Athlete

Ariel Zang

Ariel Zang is a senior at West Central High School. She played on the school's volleyball team throughout this year's season.

Her best advice to underclassmen on the team is to be more involved, such as, coming to every game, helping sweep and put up the net before practice, and getting to know the other players.

Ariel's favorite restaurant is HuHot, while her favorite food has to be steak.

Ariel likes to watch the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, and listens to country music in her free time.

While at West Central Ariel enjoys Social Studies; while her favorite college is Iowa.

Her role model in life is her Aunt, and loves the athlete Jenny Finch.

Hard work made you this week's Athlete of The Week, Ariel Zang!