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Burt Retires From La Harpe Fire Protection District

On August 10, 1967, Bill Burt joined the La Harpe Fire Protection District as a volunteer firefighter for the La Harpe Department.

On August 10, 2017, 50 years to the day, Bill retired from serving as a firefighter for the Fire District. Bill served the District faithfully for 50 years, but in so many more ways than just a firefighter.

Bill has been a construction worker, helping with two additions to the La Harpe Station. He has been a repairman, helping repair many things in the firehouse.

He has been an equipment builder, building the hose testing equipment and many other things at the La Harpe Station. He has been a driver, taking trucks to be repaired.

Bill has been the driving force behind the La Harpe Department Fish Fry and the Fire District Christmas Dinner, always preferring to stay in the background, but doing a major share of the organization and work.

Bill has done so much for the LFPD over the years, but his most important contribution to the District has been as a friend and a mentor to the younger members.

He has been willing to help them learn any aspect of firefighting from operating the pumps to handling a hose line.

He has shared his vast knowledge and experience with anyone who wants to learn and La Harpe and Fire District are so much the better for it.

Those at the fire department said, "We will miss having Bill as a member of the La Harpe Department, but we are glad he has said he will still come by to visit often. We deeply appreciate Bill's service to the La Harpe Fire Protection District!"

La Harpe Fire Chief Jerry Brown, left, presenting retirement gift to Bill Burt.