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Meet West Central Senior Heat Athlete


Breanna Hill is a senior cheerleader at West Central High School. Breanna said she had a lot of fun this cheerleading season and that everyone cheered their hearts out.

Breanna's highlight of her athletic career was completing this year's football season knowing she had fun the entire time. She would advice underclassmen to try new things and don't wait until the last minute or else you'll regret it.

In her free time, Breanna enjoys going to Gators, and eating her favorite food, chicken alfredo. Her favorite movie is either My Girl or Titanic and likes to listen to rap and pop music.

Breanna favorite school subject is English and likes the colleges WIU and Iowa Wesleyan. Her favorite athlete is Jimmy Butler and her role model is her mom.

Breanna's parents are Christa Hill and the late Brian Hill.