The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letter to Editor

New Fencing Ordinance Illegal

Dear Editor,

The new Stronghurst fencing ordinance, does not exclude existing fences, violates XPost Facto law, was not presented to the public properly, was concocted in it's finality about an hour before the board meeting.

Main orchestrator, Jerry Nortrup. New board members didn't really know what was in it.

This ordinance devalues existing fence owner's land by making it appear they did something wrong, when they didn't.

The town's attorney stated he would write it, but he wasn't for it.

To have full force and effect of law, an ordinance must not be in conflict with any higher law, such as state, or national law, or constitutional provisions.

As presented this law violates all three, fix it, repeal it, make it better.

Robert B. Manning