The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Broadway Cafe

The final day of the The Broadway Cafe in Stronghurst, owned by Carla and Russ Gardner came on Tuesday and went, but not without a little festivity and celebration from the business owners around Stronghurst as well as from frequent diners. Cake, retirement balloons, cards, flowers and gifts, lots of hugs, and some fun chatter, let the Gardners and their staff know that they were truly appreciated and are going to be missed.

Carla purchased the business from Roger and Donna Schaley 17 years ago, Sept. 11, 2000. After 9-11 the following year, she never celebrated on that date again, but chose another day. It makes sense to close now due to the time her insurance and food licenses are up for renewal and time for another food inspection which restaurant owners have to foot the bill for 3 times a year. Carla, tired of the high waters at the river cabin, has plans for a pool in their back yard and has joined the Y to keep busy along with grain farming with Russ. Wednesday morning's empty parking lot was unusual and sad, and customers had to search for a new place for breakfast.

Diane Nesbitt, Wendy Mettler, Carla and Russ Gardner retires.

Longtime waitress Diane Nesbitt, who could handle a room full of hungry diners like none other, is also looking forward to retirement.