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Fifty-Four West Central Graduates Celebrate Final Day at West Central

West Central High School enjoyed a sunny day to host graduation ceremonies for fifty-four graduating seniors Sunday. Superintendent Paula Markey said to all mothers, "You are receiving the ultimate Mother's Day gifts, :seeing your son or daughter complete one of the most significant milestones in their life:high school graduation."

Mrs. Markey said in two short years she has grown to love this school. "Don't let anyone tell you that we are anything but great," she said. "I believe in what we are doing here and what we stand for, you should, too!"

She went on to mention a few of the many successful graduates:

"Dr. Loren Reed, Head of Emergency Medicine at Great River Medical Center; Judge David Vancil, Jr. Chief Judge of the 9th Judicial Circuit; Dr. Brian Good, Dentist at Good Dental Care in Biggsille; Mrs. Stacey Newberry, President of the Bank of Stronghurst; Mr. Steve Wisslead, Business Owner; Mr. Todd Hamilton, Pro Golfer who won the British Open, Dr. Chase Gray, Emergency Medicine in the St. Louis area; Dr. Luke Pogue, Internal Mediine in the Bloomington area; Mrs. Amy Johnson Schmitz, Principal at United High School; Dr. John Schar, Veterinarian at Schar Veterinarian Clinic in Stronghurst; Ms. Mara Lefler, APN at OSF in Sheffield.

Mrs. Markey went on to encourage students to believe in theirselves, their abilities, be kind, be humble.

"Be careful of your thoughts, your thoughts will become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words will become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your charcter for your charcter becomes your destiny.

Mrs. Markey encouraged students to be grateful and express their thanks to their families, teachers and mentors and to remember West Central is their family, too. "Come back and visit us!"

Top Ten Scholars from West Central Graduating Class of 2017 are from left : Zach Vancil, Megan Krieger, Alisha Smothers, Katie Droste,Grace Brent,Kami Endress,Ashley Gyovai, Jada Fletcher,Madison Benge, and Laura Newton.

-photo by Kellie Vancil, for The Quill

Valedictorian Kami Endress and Salutatorian Madison Benge

-photo by Kellie Vancil, For The Quill

Superintendent Mrs. Paula Markey with High School Principal Mr. Ben Rees and Assistant Principal Mr. Jason Kirby bringing in graduating seniors. -photo by Roger Perry Photography

West Central 2017 graduating seniors welcome was given by: Skyler Moede-Senior Class Officer, Laura Newton-Student Council Historian, and Sam Wolf-Student Council Treasurer Sunday, May 14th.

-photo by Kellie Vancil, for The Quill