The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Village of Biggsville

MAY 3, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Amanda Guyton, Mayor with the pledge of allegiance.

Members present were: Kathie Curtiss, Richard Golf, Kevin Mortimer, Brian Sterett, and Nanci Sterett.

Diane Gonzalez was absent. Others present were: Marilyn Simmons, Treasurer; Judy Gravgaard, Clerk; and James Rogers.

Amanda Guyton, Mayor swore in the new members: Kevin Mortimer, Kathie Curtiss and Richard Golf as Trustees and Judy Gravgaard as Clerk.

Open Forum:

Jodi would like to have a yard sale to raise money for the parks. She would like to hold it at Reed Park. Everyone was in agreement.

Dick Reed stated that the water meter between the apple tree and swing set at Reed Park was too high. Jim Rogers said he would put some gravel around it to level it off so no one would get hurt.

Nanci made motion to accept the minutes, treasurer's report and invoices. Kathie 2nd, motion carried.

Richard has issued two building permits. There was a question of not having a building permit at Biggs Park for the fence. Brian made a motion that because Biggs Park is on Village property no permit was required. Any further construction projects at any park needs to have prior approval from the Village Board. Nanci 2nd motion carried. Brian made a motion to plant boxwood shrubs, redbud and dogwood trees at Biggs park. Dick 2nd motion carried. Dick made a motion to allow benches to be constructed on the terrace at Biggs Park. Brian 2nd, motion carried. The Greys were thanked for all the work they have done in the last few years at the Ball Park and Moriah Woods for all the work she did on the batting cage.

A certified letter will be sent to all home owners regarding property that has trash and debris.

They will be given ten days and then a fine will be imposed every day after that.

Tyler Haas has keys to the ball park. The swing set at the ball park needs to be fixed. Nanci made a motion to purchase a flag pole for Reed Park. Brian 2nd, motion carried.

USDA Report-The plans we have for the handicapped restrooms was approved by USDA. hey required us to reposition our posters.

The Village wide cleanup is June 3, 2017. Marilyn will call LaVeine and have them bring the containers. We will call Jackson and have them picked up the recycling bins.

Brian made a motion to accept the prevailing wage ordnance Nanci 2nd motion carried.

Brian made a motion at 9:10 to adjourn, Kevin 2nd. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy L. Gravgaard, Clerk