The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor

On Thursday, April 20th, 2017 Illinois Rural Water met with the mayor, a alderman and city employees.

On Friday, April 21st, two engineers from McClure Engineering in Macomb, as well as Illinois Rural water and the contract workers Dennis Rankin and Brian Mcillhenny came to assess the surface water plant as well as the other plant, to see if it was safe to operate.

After looking over the plants, they found many items that need fixed or attention.

At the surface plant, it was not safe to operate at that time, it has some switches to be replaced and it needed thoroughly cleaned out since it had not been properly maintained.

Cleaning procedures had already been underway before this meeting.

I can assure the water in La Harpe is Mayor Kienast's top priority. The previous editorials by Tim Graves are not correct, the operators are taking steps towards getting the surface water plant up and running again.

I assure the public we are checking the levels of the well and to make sure we are not putting a strain on the other plant.

Illinois Rural water was here again on Tuesday, April 25th and they will be here again in the near future.

The mayor did not say anything about Dallas Rural Water being too expensive, this has been looked into, but as this time we do not believe it is necessary to turn it on.

I would like to assure the city of La Harpe there is plenty wrong with our water plants. We wouldn't have all of the violations we have gotten or have had to had all of the people involved if something wasn't wrong.

I can assure I care for the two wonderful employees that are working so hard to keep the water plants running as well as the contract worker that is a pleasure to work with. We have tried to take some of the pressure off with helping to mow, etc. The mayor should not have had the plant running two weeks ago, the plant has to be cleaned and brought up to EPA standards. I also encourage the two employees to hang in there, they are doing a great job.

It is unfortunate that the citizens of La Harpe have been told so many lies by previous employees.

It is too bad that people wouldn't have looked inside the water plants sooner instead of just looking at the water tower on the outside.

The sewer plant in this town is cleaner than the water plant, and we are drinking this water!!

If the superintendent really cared about his co-workers, he wouldn't have had them in unsafe conditions without reporting them or getting these items fixed.

Like walking in water with an extension cord and electric heaters frayed and spliced together with no GFCI plugs or walking on a wooden plank lifting heavy lime bags without the proper equipment, or sending down into lift stations where the exhaust doesn't work or without respirators.

The one water plant was built in 1980, and the other had new tanks in 1994, this is your tax paying money. They should be in better shape than they are.

Ryan H. Kienast

Mayor of La Harpe

Appreciates the ones who really care about La Harpe