The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Clyde Collins, A Familiar Face, New To Quill Staff

Yes, Clyde Collins, at 76, is learning something new, and that is helping get the news in the paper, taking your advertisements, and subscriptions, and hoping you will come in with some ideas and news.

Clyde was one of those Dr. B.I. Mueller babies with a little surprise to come along with it - an identical twin brother born just 4 minutes later. They were both born on February 28, 1941 at home! And yes, Dr. Mueller came to the house in those days.

Clyde is the last of 13 children and one of four still alive with his brother Claude, Rosella Shoemaker and Adeline Weast.

The others have died:

Evelyn, Virgie, Albert, Henry, Weona Belle, Hilda, Anna Lou, Mary Jane, and Harold.

Clyde is a 1959 High School graduate and says he did pretty well in spelling, writing, math, American and world history, but didn't care for 4 years of English. "I just don't understand what McBeth had to do with anything." He admitted he didn't like disecting frogs or worms but biology was okay.

He said his class was the first to graduate from the new high school,

Clyde married out of high school and has one son Tom, who lives in Burlington, IA.

He is now married to Edna Reed and the couple have been busy working all of his life. He worked at Murray Iron Works and after a lay-off, went to Moline and worked at Fairbanks and Morse where he made scales.

From there he went to John Deere and worked for twenty years and took the early retirement when they offered. He returned to La Harpe where he and Edna worked at herbrother's pizza house and cafe "Georgie's" until George closed it.

Clyde loves the town of La Harpe and all it has offered through the years. He will share more with you in his future writings.