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Oquawka Swears In New Mayor, Clerk, and Trustees

by Lisa Ray, for The Quill

The Tuesday, May 2nd Oquawka Village Board meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Mayor Sandra Fullerton-Moody with all board members present.

Trustee Nancy Bundy announced that "The Village of Oquawka was awarded the Illinois Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management 2017 Mitigation Award for Outstanding contributions toward the enactment of sound floodplain and stormwater practices" by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Fire Chief Troy Jern was present reporting that the Fire Protection District Referendum passed. He began by thanking Mayor Moody for her support of the fire department and to the outgoing and current board members for serving Oquawka Village.

Chief Jern said there will be 3 members chosen to serve on the new fire district board and that the newly formed Fire Protection District board will choose a Fire Chief. He said they look forward to working with the board for a smooth transition.

He thanked Mick Olson from Bruner, Cooper & Zuck for all of their hard work in helping to make this happen.

The Fire Department will be serving ribeyes, pork chops, hot dogs and drinks during the annual Citywide Yard Sales on May 13th from 9:00am-2:00pm.

During the Street & Water report, Trustee Nancy Bundy asked the Village workers to patch holes on the street near the river.

Trustee Scott Ray reported he granted 3 zoning permits as acting zoning officer. Trustee Ray also noted John Newton has volunteered to fill the zoning officer position. Per Attorney Andy Youngquist this will be tabled until the June meeting.

Trustee Nancy Bundy stated she had been contacted by someone from the Hill Correctional Center asking for permission to hold a Fishing Tournament on June 25th to benefit the Special Olympics. There will be more discussion on this topic at the June meeting.

Office Clerk, Chris Peterson stated the bank has requested updated signatures on the Village bank accounts. Also, due to unforeseen circumstances the Village needs to find a new tech support person. Permission was given to take care of this.

Police Report by Chief Keith DeJaynes was:

Criminal - 1 domestic battery, 1 DUI, 1 retail theft

Assisting - 5 Ambulance, 3 County

Juvenile Calls - 2

Tavern Calls - 2

Ordinance Violation - 2 citations

Dog Calls - 3

Golf Cart/ATV/Side by Side inspections - 13

Citations - Speeding 2, Stop Sign 1, No Valid DL 1, Driving off roadway 1, Driving without head lights 1

Warning Citations - 3

Other Calls - 42

Warrant Arrest - 2

Fines Paid - $300.00

Golf Cart/ATV/Side by Side $390.00

Impoundment Fee - $250.00

Total fines: $940.00

Attorney Youngquist discussed the due process hearing change to the junk ordinance. Trustee Fedler made a motion and seconded by Trustee Ray to adopt the new Junk Ordinance as amended.

Mick Olson from Bruner, Cooper & Zuck discussed road work to be done. The plan will be to do 4th & Schuyler and striping it and then as many of the radius areas as possible. The resolution will be presented next month.

Motion was made to go into Sin Die at 7:03pm for the purpose of bringing in the newly elected trustees, mayor and Village Clerk.

On behalf of the Village Board a plaque was presented to outgoing Mayor Sandra Fullerton-Moody by Robert Eldridge for her service to our Village for the last 4 years.

Out-going trustees Bob Lafferty and John Fedler and Village Clerk Sandy Huff were also thanked for their service to the Village.

A motion was made by Trustee Ray and seconded by Trustee Kuberski to enter back into regular session at 7:13pm.


New session began with the Swearing in of newly elected Mayor Robert Eldridge, Village Clerk Jacqueline Smith, Trustees Hal Jern, Tammy Bundy and Nancy Bundy.

Mayor Robert Eldridge made the appointment of Debbie Lumbeck to fill his vacant trustee position. Motion made by Trustee Ray and seconded by Trustee Jern to appoint Debbie Lumbeck to fill the vacant trustee position.

Jenna Link was present to report the Consumer Confidence Report. Results are within limits with no issues. Motion made by Trustee Ray and 2nd by Trustee Jern to accept the Consumer Confidence Report Water report for 2016.

Police Chief Keith DeJaynes requested to hire Ron Russell as part time police officer. Motion made by Trustee Ray and seconded by Trustee T. Bundy to hire Ron Russell at the current part time pay rate of $15.25. Trustee Kuberski voted no.

Village resident Nancy Brokaw stated her water has a chlorine taste. Jenna Link responded and said it could be the proximity of where she lives to the water tower. Federal guidelines must be met. Carbon filters will take care of it.

Motion made by Trustee Ray and 2nd by Trustee Jern to authorize the newly elected mayor, Village Clerk and the Treasurer to the bank accounts was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:22pm.

New Village of Oquawka board

Seated: Oquawka Village Clerk Jacqueline Smith, Mayor Robert Eldridge and back L-R are Trustees Hal Jern, Scott Ray, Leo Kuberski, Nancy Bundy, Debbie Lumbeck and Tammy Bundy