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Monica McClure Retires as Library Director

by Leslie Fisher, Library Board Member

The LaHarpe Carnegie Public Library will turn the page of a new chapter as Mrs. Monica McClure leaves her duties as library director.

Members of the library board, library staff, and guests surprised Mrs. McClure with cake and punch to celebrate.

March 29, 2017 will mark the end of Mrs. Monica McClure's years of service.

She began as an assistant to Mrs. Martha Miller, former library director, on August 28, 2000. On January 1, 2002, Mrs. McClure became the library director.

Interacting with library patrons, watching kids grow up, and helping students gain job experience are among the rewarding memories that she will treasure.

Monica remembers the excitement of opening the library cornerstone at the time of the library's one hundredth anniversary in 2005.

It was exciting to discover four LaHarpe newspapers and other items. Before the cornerstone was returned to its place of honor, it was filled with currency, pictures, and a letter from Mrs. McClure.

Mrs. McClure shared that she believes that the changes in technology have made the biggest impact on the library. The first computer with dial-up internet access was just a glimpse of what would come. All the changes required Mrs. McClure to become computer literate, so she learned how to work in the world of technology.

As this chapter comes to a close, Lauren Wascher prepares to begin the next chapter as the new library director. Lauren is already working on plans for the summer reading program!


New La Harpe Carnegie Library Director Lauren Wascher on left with retiring Director Monica McClure.