The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Village Trustee Candidate Questions

1. What prompted you to run for trustee position?

Michael Bohnenkamp: I wanted to be a part of Stronghurst to help it grow and be a community that people want to be a part of.

David Vancil, Sr..: I've lived here all my life and want to help in anyway I can to better my community.

Tommy Crotts: I'm a concerned citizen who has lived here 22 years. I want to see the town improved.

Jerry Nortrup: I thought it was time for some fresh ideas.

Dillan Vancil: I grew up in Stronghurst and want to contribute as much as possible.

2. What do you see as general concerns for the village and how would you address them?

Michael Bohnenkamp: I believe that the 100 block of Broadway Street south needs to be redone, the only way to correct this is to apply for grants that can assist in redoing the downtown.

David Vancil, Sr: One of the concerns are the roads, they need tarred and chipped and pot holes fixed and ditches taken care of. I would like to see this done as the budget will allow.

Tommy Crotts: I see lots of concerns of the new water tower, seeing it thru. Sidewalks done, culverts/ditches need to be opened up and draining. Road improvements.

Jerry Nortrup: Bring more businesses into town.

Dillan Vancil: The biggest concerns I have for our community is lack of activities available for everyone and also the amount of people leaving the area because of high taxes and lack of employment opportunities. I hope we can come together as a community and come up with the best solution to these concerns. Personally I would like to see a longer property tax abatement for new construction which will help our tax base and school later on. I would also like to look into adding different activities that the community can partake in together.

3. What are your involvements in community affairs?

Michael Bohnenkamp: As a village trustee we all are involved in helping with any functions that are being held in the community, we assist in deferring some of the cost for the agency so that it becomes a reoccurring event.

David Vancil, Sr: I've served on the trustee board, I'm a fireman, I am a booster club member, and served on the Stronghurst Ambulance until recently, I help audit the township books, and was an auxiliary police at one time and have served on a church board.

Tommy Crotts: I'm a volunteer fireman. I'm a trustee on the board, appointed to fill in for Jim Spiker. I'm a team leader for J & M Displays Fireworks.

Jerry Nortrup: I am on the fire department and I also drive for FOCC.

Dillan Vancil: So far I have been attending village board meetings and also helping the community by coaching different sports for the school and summer leagues.

4. How accessible will you be to the citizens of the village?

Michael Bohnenkamp: If someone wishes to get ahold of me they can leave a message at the Village Hall or call me at 309-924-1993 and leave a message.

David Vancil, Sr: I'm willing to listen at anytime to the citizens anytime they have concerns and will do my best to address any concerns they have.

Tommy Crotts: I'm willing to listen to people and what they say.

Jerry Nortrup: I am always available and my door is always open.

Dillan Vancil: I will be available whenever a concern may arise.

Additional Comments:

Tommy Crotts: I feel I would be a good trustee, open minded to suggestions, complaints, new laws.

Jerry Nortrup: The new water tower is going to be a big project to tackle. As a board, we really need to watch spending. I have been going to the monthly board meetings, so I stay informed. I am presently on the village zoning board.

Dillan Vancil: I look forward to serving the people of this wonderful community and if I am chosen I will do my very best to help the people voice their concerns and to come up with solutions to fix them.