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Village Mayor Candidate Questions

What prompted you to run for the president position?

Brendan Schaley: I have been a trustee on the village board for 6 years. When President Root decided not to run for re-election, I felt we needed someone who knows the history of this village and is familiar with what is important to our community. We are in the beginning stages of the biggest project this village has seen in a lifetime and I ve been involved with it since the planning stages. I feel compelled to see the new water tower completed.

Anthony Popp: Let's begin by stating my ability to advocate, meaning my position would prompt me to listen to and speak for the group for this transition of improvements by hearing others and speaking for the group, in which relays their point. That has been something I've wanted to do. I have found it s something I reasonably have experienced a lot.

What do you see as general concerns for the village and how would you address them?

Brendan Schaley: Infrastructure, budget deficit, and attracting new business.

The sidewalk project had been mine from its beginning. We have already replaced some of the old broken sidewalk and laid some new.

We may not do as many lineal feet of sidewalk as we have in the past couple of years, but I think we should continue to replace some each year.

The new sidewalks are safer and are more attractive. With all of the projects that we need to complete, comes budget issues. As the police committee chairman, I already cut the police budget in half and returned the money to the general fund.

The police fund has plenty of money in savings and the department does not have any large expenditures on the horizon. That money can be better utilized elsewhere. We need to increase the garbage, water and sewer cost to the citizens.

The village has been losing money on the garbage contract for years. The water and sewer funds have also been running short for a long time, and we cannot continue to conduct business that way.

I reached out to some corporate offices in an attempt to recruit new business in our town. The answers I got were luke warm at best. There was interest but what we lack are good available locations. If the village wants to expand, maybe we should look into annexing more land.

Anthony Popp: This village would be less dependent on other rural towns if we were more dependent on the area we live in by operating on things out around our homes.

Like the sidewalk project so walking to the neighbors wouldn't seem hard throughout the village. Other concerns to address include, education, new business and continuing to make the village a more welcoming community.

What are your involvements in community affairs?

Brendan Schaley: I am currently a village trustee and mayor pro tem. I am director of the Stronghurst Ambulance. I am a member of the Stronghurst Christian Church, and I have coached baseball, softball, and basketball teams from our town. I am a former board member of Southern Unit #120 and Small World Children s center.

Anthony Popp: My involvement is always being the voice in and around the village. It is how I serve. I would like to be seen more although it is a challenge in regards to the ways to get around to be seen in the community.

How accessible will you be to citizens of the village?

Brendan Schaley: I am around town on a daily basis, and I welcome people to stop by my home. I am completely open to opinions and suggestions from our citizens as this town belongs to all of us. I will always answer questions to the best of my ability and if I can't, I'll get an answer.

Anthony Popp: I can be available to citizens from a day to day involvement as part of our community and advocating a positive open door accessibility in the purpose of the position I am running for.