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Business Spotlight: Happy Helpers Club

This club had its beginnings in the spring of 1913 when Mrs. Verna Rousch had a quilting party at her home.

The group was invited later that year to another gathering at the home of Mrs. Mary Greenig and it was decided to take one afternoon every four weeks to meet with neighbors and help with whatever the hostess most needed help with such as sewing, mending or quilting.

The name of the club came from the group s original goal of helpfulness to the entertaining hostess.

It was discovered that projects undertaken to help the hostess took less time when visiting and laughing with friends.

This was a pleasant interlude in the lives of club members, their children and families in a time when people made their own entertainment with neighbors and friends.

The club s motto was  Work isn t drudgery if one has dreams. The aster was chosen as the club's flower. Its emblem was the bluebird and its chosen colors were blue and gold.

The group adopted a Club Women s Creed which has been recited at every meeting since that time. There is a club courtesy which helped to keep meetings running smoothly. .

Early on, Ewald Traser, husband of club member Etta Traser made a beautiful gavel to be used by the club's president when conducting meetings.

Mr. Traser also made a table of different woods: apple and walnut, with a light inlay of boxwood. .

The handle of the gavel was fashioned out of a drumstick belonging to one of the member s sons. The designs on the table included the club emblem, flower, the date the table was made and the initials of the club HHC.

In 1963 Happy Helpers celebrated its Golden Anniversary. There was a reception and reunion for current and former members.

More recently programs for the club have included reports on interesting hobbies and collections, travel slides, and floral demonstrations.

The club has also planned annual trips to places of interest such as Nauvoo, the Amana Colonies, Mark Twain sites in Hannibal and the WIU International programs.

Each year's December meeting includes a Christmas dinner and party with a gift exchange.

The Happy Helpers Club has always been a strong supporter of community efforts. .

The club is still active today, meeting monthly at one of the members homes.

You can read a report on the group s meetings every month in The Quill.