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Village Of Raritan To Survey Alleys

The Village of Raritan trustees met on February 9th, and voted to get a complete survey of the village alleys with a cap of $2,000.

Bills presented were: Phil Anders $109; Dennis Rankin $196; Waste Management $1,067.60; Dallas Rural Water $596.61; PDC $17.25; Ameren IP $1,460.40; Thompson Insurance $150; American Stamp $38; Eagle Enterprises $100. All bills were approved.

Attorney Bobi James reported the status hearing was held on January 13 regarding property cleanup. Attorney James explained what occurred at the status hearing. February 24 will be the next status hearing. The next step will be to go to trial.

The travel expense ordinance was tabled.

A discussion was held regarding delinquent water bills. It was decided to send a notice to late payers before shut off with the water bill.

Answering roll call were: Trustees, Phil Anders, Rob Williamson, Dwayne Magee, Sammy Blender, Michael Knapp, Yvonne Knapp, Clerk Jim Blender and President Earl Waller. Attorney Bobi James was also present.