The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Board Hears About Spray Park Problems

By: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

At the regular board meeting of the Village of Stronghurst, Ronnie Gittings reported they had problems getting the spray park up and running. A couple of the solenoids, of which there is about 9 or 10, didn't get completely drained last fall, froze and cracked the housing.

Bryan Bohnenkamp ordered new ones and got them put in. It worked for a day or so and quit again. They think the actuator you step on has gone bad and have ordered a new one.

Michael Bohnenkamp, acting as mayor pro tem, in the absence of Mayor Brendan Schaley, opened the meeting leading in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jens Notestein-Media Township Supervisor asked if there was any objections by the board to residents east of the highway putting up blue 9-1-1 address signs if they so choose. The board has no problem with this.

Bob Manning was present to request, in writing, that his present fence is grandfathered in. The ordinance is not in affect as yet as it hasn't been sent to codifier. The clerk will give him a copy of the minutes.

Lori Taylor, representing the Stronghurst Booster Club requested for a donation for flowers to be planted in the flower pots at the park and uptown.

The board voted to give $171, same as last year. She also passed around a drawing of a monument the Booster Club would like to build between the spray park and the memorial bricks. This would be constructed only if they have the funds to do so and it has not been decided if it would have water in it or flowers.

The MSA representative was not present but had sent a time line for the water tower. Work will begin in June 2017 with the completion date of October 2018.

Police report for May: 165 hours; 922 squad car miles; 11 traffic stops; 8 verbal warnings; 2 written warnings; 1 uniform traffic ticket; 2 assists Henderson County; 11 service calls;1 arrest; and 32 business courtesy checks

In other business the board:

The board voted to go into executive session at 8:15 to discuss the current water bill. Bruce Caldwell asked that they consider raising the minimum usage from 2000 to 3000 gallons. (This could cause an additional raise in the minimum water usage.) No decisions were made.

Attending: Trustees, Mike Bohnenkamp, (Mayor pro tem), Bruce Caldwell, Jerry Nortrup, David Vancil, Amanda Kane, Shane Reed (arriving at 7:10 p.m.). Employees, Morgan Lewis, Arbry Vancil, Ronnie Gittings. Guests, Virginia Ross, Jens Notestein, Bob Manning, Randy Jarvis, Lori Taylor, David Knutstrom, Shirley Linder. Mayor Brendan Schaley and Attorney Bill Rasmussen absent.

The next board meeting will be held Wednesday, July 5th at 7 p.m.