The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Only One

By Elaine Slater Reese, Spring Green, WI.

On Friday we were sitting in the car dealership's waiting room as our car was being repaired. I looked at the others there - a woman maybe forty, a young fellow about twenty, a grandpa perhaps eighty-five, and a little girl who appeared to be about five.

Each one of them was totally mesmerized by the electronic device they held in their hands. (Our attention was focused on the oatmeal cookies and bananas supplied by the dealership.) Someone I could not see was sitting behind me.

As I was reading the newspaper, I was suddenly aware that person behind me was on her phone. For a few moments her voice was soft - then louder. "What - a wheel-chair? That wasn't what one of your employees told me! What do you mean? Cancer? Nobody else has used that word! Stop, wait a minute. You need to get your employees all on the same page! I am getting conflicting info from each person I talk to. Now you are saying a walker - not a wheelchair?

Stop! Wait a minute! I have only one father! Do you understand this? Yes, I would like to be there but at this time it is just impossible for me to do that.

I will come as soon as I can." The conversation became even louder and more adamant. She listened for a longer moment. Then once again I heard the same words - filled with emotion. "You are not listening to me! You don't understand! I have only one father and I love him very much!"

My heart went out to the lady that I could not see. Then I remembered that Father's Day was coming up in a few days. My thoughts went to memories of my own father and his last days when he was ill.

And then came to me the words of our Heavenly Father - "I will never leave you or forsake you". We each have only one earthly father and one Heavenly Father.

We are so blessed!