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The Wisdom of Barnyard Bruke: G. W. And The Way Fare'n Man From Denmark

Greetings ta ever one in western Illinois and all readers of "The Quill."

The 14th of June is Flag Day and this week is historically the peak of the pheasant hatch. That's good news for all of you pheasant hunters, young and old.

Next Sunday is Father's Day (6-18) and next Wednesday (6-21) is the first day of summer. The time seems ta keep roll'n along faster and faster, day by day.

And what do ya know but my purple martins finally showed up Monday, June 12.

I had their house all ready for "em and plenty of fly'n critters around this farm stead for "em ta munch on.

There's six nests of barn swallers in our barn and with these three (3) new pair of purple martins I expect ta see a population decline in the "skeeters" around these parts.

I ran on ta an enterest'n story of a feller from these parts I'll call Mr. Good Will or "G. W." For short.

It seems he picked up a feller walk'n along the road, one windy day recently, carry'n a heavy military backpack.

G. W. could see the wind and heat was a raise'n havoc on the feller so he stopped and offered him a ride.

G. W. does this type a thing from time ta time on a regular basis. He has encountered some enterest'n and oft times sad stories. He recognizes the danger but feels obligated ta help those in need.

It seems this particular wayfare'n gent was from the country of Denmark and was 82 years old.

A professor from a University in Austin, Texas, was in grave danger and the Denmark feller named, Bracklen Mielaard, saved the professor's hide.

The professor discovered Bracklen's village had a 2400 year old animal skin Bible.

He asked ta borrow it fer the University ta copy it and he promised ta bring it back. They finally agreed to let him have it. They flew in ta the village in a helicopter with armed guards.

That was over two years ago and the village wants the Bible back but The university wants ta keep it.

G.W. says the story goes on. Bracklen's church sent him ta America ta fetch it back. They sent 50,000 krona with him ta do good along the way.

Well, Bracklen came ta America on a Norwegian cruise ship that took 11 days, land'n on the east coast in March. He was instructed, by his church, ta walk ta Austin, Texas and do as much good as he could along the way.

Thus far, Bracklen has saved three lives, by given birth ta a baby, save'n a four (4) year old from drown'n and rescue'n a young lady with epilepsy from a burn'n car she crashed whilst have'n a seizure.

Shortly after that, he helped some feller with some tire problems. He gave them some money and went on his way walk'n about thirty miles a day.

By this time he had given away enough krona equivalent ta $10,000 ta various needy folk.

Well what do ya know but the feller with the tire problems came back with a friend and a ball bat, ta visit Bracklen.

They injured him badly break'n his knee cap, bust'n his jaw in two places, break'n three ribs, break'n his arm and lacerate'n his liver.

They then took his backpack include'n all his money, his passport, and his Visa and left him unconscious.

He crawled off into the weeds and lay there eleven (11) days. This was in Ohio.

Eventually the police found him, gave him some nourishment and another back pack.

On down the road, a pick up driver gave him a ride and after he was left off, the driver took off with his second back pack.

Walk'n on, a soldier came along and gave him a ride. After hear'n his story he gave him an extra backpack.

Now along came "G. W." and gives him a ride and listens ta his story G. W. lined up a couple nights at a local western Illinois motel and gives him money, food, and other supplies.

The local motel owner donates the two nights stay after hear'n the whole sad story.

Last Monday morn'n Bracklen heads out on foot for Austin, Texas, 940 miles ta go, cross'n the Mississippi River at Quincy.

He was offered a free all expense ride by bus, train, and air, as he has ta be back on the east coast by March or he misses his ship back ta Denmark.

Now with his injuries he walks only 10 miles a day instead of the 30 he was able ta walk before the robbery. He refused the free rides by air, bus, and train because his church told him to walk and do as much good as he can along the way.

Now this 82 year old gent might be a con man and if'n so he'll have ta answer ta his maker.

But that is of no concern ta "G.W." and the motel folk, cause they did what was right, didn't judge, and helped a feller in need.

There is a lot more ta this story but not enough room in this week's column ta tell it all.

I'm a think'n, if'n you have a string of bad luck, don't judge all as bad fer just around the corner might be Mr. G.W. (goodwill) and put faith back into yer life and a spring back into yer step so ya can travel on.

The most important part I left out is that he sez God directed him to help the first three people whose lives he saved, but he sez he wasn't directed by God to help the guy with the tire problem. But since the church people told him to help people along the way he felt he should help him anyways.

Maybe God's a try'n to direct all of us and sometimes we just fail to listen and that's when we gets in trouble.

The boys and I are going to have ta think on this a spell.

Meanwhile, have a good week and hope ta see ya in church.

Remember; wherever ya are, whatever ya be a do'n "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke