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La Harpe Has New Mayor; Two New Trustees

Hasten, Brown and Wisslead Sworn Into Office

by Michael Rodeffer, The Quill

The La Harpe City Council met Monday night June 12th at La Harpe City Hall

Katherine Hasten was elected as acting La Harpe City Mayor to fill the unexpired term of former Mayor Ryan Kienast who resigned May 22nd.

Hasten was sworn in and immediately resigned her alderman position.

Mayor Hasten then appointed Kenny Brown to fill her Ward III Alderman position. The Council unanimously approved her appointment. Brown was then sworn in by Clerk Lucretia McPeak.

Following committee reports, employee reports and public comment and approval of May minutes, the council engaged in old business.

Mayor Hasten appointed Greg Wisslead to fill the open Alderman seat left in Ward II.

Wisslead was also unanimously approved by the council and sworn in by Clerk McPeak.

There is still an open seat in Ward I vacated by Kenny Foster. The Council hopes to have that seat filled very soon which would bring the council back to a full board of six alderman and a mayor.

Attorney Christopher Scholz reported he had received a $3700 check from Brian McIlhenny. Scholz had been directed by the new board to negotiate a repayment.

McIlhenny had been given $5,000 up front along with a contract by the previous mayor but it had not been approved by the council.

McIlhenny had only worked a few days when the council did not approve the contract.

Under public comment Max Owsley asked for the council to give some thought to the flooding situation in the southeast part of town.

Owsley also asked for a portion of his sidewalk to be removed but not replaced.

He also asked about a previous water audit which had been done by the outgoing council and wondered what the audit revealed.

The council had no record of it and neither did the clerk. The Clerk will look into it.

Council approved the Treasurer Crystal Graves' Treasurer's Report and approved paying all bills.

There was no receipt of one charge of $60.56 to Dollar General. Mayor Hasten is going to check with former Mayor Ryan Kienast about this charge.

Under separate agenda item, the council approved paying previous attorney Diane Diestler's bills from January through April 2017 of $8,337.50.

Alderman Dave Clover felt there were several inappropriate charges. Diestler had given Scholz a deadline of June 21st to be paid or she was threatening to sue the city.

Attorney Scholz felt it would be a costly endeavor, even if successful, to end up in law suit.

The City Engineer Eric Moe commented that the sixth street water main project was coming along nicely.

He stated all water mains are now in the ground and are now being re-connected to service areas. He recommended the payment to Laverdiere of $194,949.90.

A large portion of that comes from a CDAP Grant. The Council approved this payment on this part of the work.

Mayor Hasten had been in contact with Greg Butler about doing the City Audit and stated he was willing to do it for the same price as before.

There was discussion on the 4-story demolition east of the City Park and Main Street properties that are in disrepair.

The attorney has sent notices to the property owners. The council is looking into their options or possibilities for these locations.

The Council also approved:

At 9:27 p.m. the council went into Executive Session to discuss a final contract that had been drafted by the City Attorney pertaining to Tim Graves employment.

Upon returning to regular session, the council approved the contract, and then adjourned the meeting.

Katherine "Kat" Hasten, was sworn in as Acting Mayor of La Harpe and she resigned her elected seat in Ward III as Alderman.

-Hancock Journal Pilot photo

Retired Mayor Kenny Brown, was sworn in as Alderman of Ward III after Mayor Hasten appointed him to fill her spot.

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Mayor "Kat" Hasten appointed Greg Wisslead who agreed to come back on the board to fill the open Alderman seat left in Ward II.

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