The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Village of Oquawka Hear Pool Is Open

by Lisa Ray, For The Quill

The Village of Oquawka met for its monthly meeting on June 6, with Chris Peterson reporting on behalf of Mary Hunter, that the Oquawka pool opened on June 1st and the attendance has been very good.

Present were Mayor Robert Eldridge, Trustees Nancy Bundy, Debbie Lumbeck, Tammy Bundy, Leo Kuberski, Hal Jern and Village Clerk Jacqueline Smith. Trustee Scott Ray was absent.

Village of Oquawka resident Rosalie Melvin thanked Nancy Bundy and her family for placing the flags in Oquawka.

Village resident Joe Boughton was present with a concern of mold on the Veterans Memorial and to ask permission to construct a sidewalk around the Veterans Memorial. He has been in contact with Leyda Burrus and Metz where the monument was purchased and is in the process of getting a quote for removing the mold as well as having a sidewalk placed.

Village resident Nanette Torrance was present to asked the Village to remove stumps on her property on 7th Street due to trees removed during the new street renovation and also parking area that was lost during the renovation. The mayor will look into the area and get back with Nanette. She also expressed concern regarding mowing of her rental properties and if she can move her renters property in order to mow. Attorney Andy Youngquist stated it is her property and she can move whatever she needs to because it is ultimately her property.

Village Clerk Jacqueline Smith and Village Treasurer Chris Peterson expressed concern their computers are running out of memory. They were asked to get quotes and will be discussed when quotes are received.

Jeff Peterson was present to give the street and water report.

Chief Keith DeJaynes introduced Ron Russell as the new part-time police officer. And gave the following police report.

Criminal: 3-Domestic Battery, 2-Battery, 2-Breaking and entering.

Assisting: 7-Ambulance assists, 9-County assists

Juvenile Calls: 3

Tavern Calls: 3

Ordinance Violation: 15

Dog Calls: 6

Golf Cart/ATV/Side by Side inspections: 6

Citations: 4-Speeding, 2-Stop sign, 1-Suspended drivers license

Warnings: 4

Other Calls: 56

Warrant Arrest: 3

Fines paid: $300.00

Golf Cart/ATV/Side by Side: $180

Total Fines: $480.00

The Annual 4th of July parade will be held on Saturday July 1st. Due to the tractor pull, line-up will be on 7th Street at 9:00am and parade will begin at 10:00am.

The Annual Catfish/Chicken Fry will be held Saturday July 1st at the Museum Park (end of Schuyler Street). Serving will begin at 11:00am till 3:00pm. No road closures will be in that area.

The Annual FFA Tractor Pull will be held Saturday July 1st at the Oquawka Track beginning at 3:00pm. Board approved the following street closures, 8th Street Knox to Mercer, 9th Street Knox to Mercer and 9th Street to Warren July 1st beginning at 8:00am -8:00am on Sunday July 2nd

Mick Olson presented the Resolution for MFT Funds. Motion was made by Nancy Bundy and 2nd by Leo Kuberski to adopt the resolution of $90,000 for MFT funds.

Motion was made by Hal Jern and 2nd by Debbie Lumbeck to hire John Newton as Zoning Officer.

Motion was made by Leo Kuberski and 2nd by Tammy Bundy to adopt the prevailing wage for 2017.

New Business: Approved purchase of new mower from the Cutting Edge in the amount of $11,667.00. Motion made by Tammy Bundy and 2nd by Debbie Lumbeck. Leo Kuberski voted no.

Motion made by Nancy Bundy and 2nd by Leo Kuberski to amend the Junk Ordinance. Fines were changed as follows: 1st offense minimum $100 and maximum fine $500.00. 2nd offense minimum $175.00 and maximum $750.00.

The board accepted the resignation of Teresa Stevenson as Meter Reader for the Village of Oquawka as of June 7, 2017.

Motion to adjourn at 7:58pm by Nancy Bundy and 2nd by Leo Kuberski.