The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor


I would like to tell my story with my experience as a patient at the La Harpe Davier Health Care Center in La Harpe.

I had the misfortune of a fall at my home on April 25th and broke my right hip. I was taken to Ft. Madison, Iowa where I had surgery. I was released from the hospital and admitted to the La Harpe Davier Health Care in La Harpe. I still needed some medical care and therapy. This was my choice as it was close to my home and handier for my family. I was a patient for 15 days.

I can't say enough about how ALL the staff was very good to me and I saw how caring they were to all the patients. Every one just cares and makes their caring very personal. Thumbs up to all who works and cooks in the kitchen. I thought the food was very good.

The physical and occupational therapy department are just wonderful people. I just can't say enough about them.

I feel like our town and community are "Very Blessed" to have such a great facility. Sincerely,

Bette June Mapes,

La Harpe


I would like to let everyone know of my deepest respect to a great medical assistant, Luanne Johnson.

I was very concerned about her being released of her duties, when I considered her as good as 50% of the doctors.

She saved my life a couple of times and I talked to another person who said she had saved their life.

I was always happy to have her and nobody else but her take care of my medical problems.

Every time I left, I felt confident in what she had told me, even tho at times I didn't like what she had to tell me.

People doesn't like to hear the bad news that sometimes you have to hear but, Luanne always told it like it was.

I, myself, will tell people things that will help them but they don't want to hear it.

I wish her luck in whatever endeavor she now follows.

If others feel this way, voice your opinion, let her know you care about her.