The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.


By Elaine Slater Reese, Spring Green, WI.

June 14th--the day set aside to especially honor our American Flag.

What has happened to the pride and honor it so deserves?

Many of us can remember when our grandparents and our parents always had the Holy Bible and the American flag in view in their homes.

But we have made so much progress. Now we are politically correct. Often these items are no longer in view or they have become dust catchers.

Even years ago when education was so different than now, people were proud to have smart kids. Today the center of our attention appears to be smart phones and lots of other electronic devices.

These are supposedly designed to keep us much better informed and up to date. (I wonder at what cost-and I don't mean the financial one.)

Have we taught our children the real stories of real people who through the years have shed their blood - given their lives-so we can proudly fly the flag?

If the enemy was near, would our young people know that we would not be afraid to display it? Have we taught them the stories of families whose lives were forever changed to preserve that red, white, and blue?

Let's all think about truly honoring Old Glory. Do you think we should just make an effort to fly it on June 14th? Let's never forget those who have paid so dearly for it.

Perhaps we should all be flying it 365 days per year.