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The Wisdom of Barnyard Bruke: The Bird And The Cat, Burma Shave Revisited

Greetings ta ever one in western Illinois and all readers of "The Quill."

I'm a hope'n your week is a go'n fine thus far.

The Bird and The Cat

Last week I observed an enterest'n situation. Look'n out my kitchen window, early one morn'n, I noticed a stray cat, that had taken residency in our barn, play'n with somethin' in the grass. On careful inspection I noticed it was a one half feathered robin that had been blown out of it's nest.

The cat was gently paw'n it, roll'n on it's back with it, and carry'n it a few feet at a time from one spot ta another. At no time did it appear to injure the bird in any way, shape or form. Occasional the cat would let the little feller break loose and appear ta be escape'n on foot. It could not fly yet. Then quickly the cat would pounce on it's prey and play with it some more.

It seemed a strange and unusual situation. As I watched the drama unfold I noticed the real motive of that very smart barnyard cat.

About twenty (20) ta twenty-five (25) adult robins were aggressively dive bombing the cat and carry'n on with much noise and commotion. They were, in a combined effort, try'n ta save the little feller. It was enterest'n ta watch how in their co-operative effort they tried ta drive the cat away from it's victim.

I was caused ta wonder what instinct would provide those birds the ability ta attack such a large predator that obviously was their strong enemy, even risk'n their lives for some other's young.

I then noticed the true meaning of the cat's actions. As the cat let it's victim supposedly escape the adult birds became astutely aware there remained time yet ta save the young life. They would dive even closer ta intimidate the cat.

When they became very close, the cat lunged at the adult birds. It became obvious the game plan of that smart ole barn cat was ta use his smaller, inadequate meal as a tool ta catch one or more larger meals.

I had been notice'n remain'n feathers of birds in the backyard where the cat's plan had obviously in some manner out foxed other birds as they fed or mated on the ground. This was one smart cat.

Immediately I stepped ta the back door and made my presence known. The cat abandoned the little critter the minute I appeared. Off ta the barn he scurried where Mrs. Bruke keeps a bountiful supply of commercial cat food.

The little bird was a partially feathered robin and the adults were all fully grown robins. I love robins. I placed him on a high location for it's mother ta continue feed'n. As I placed it there it opened it's beak wide hope'n ta receive a worm or some food from it's mother. It appeared uninjured.

The drama reminded me of our politicians, both state and national. How they toy with one group of victims ta achieve their goals with a catch of a larger windfall. All the while their "barn" is adequately supplied ta fill all their needs.

Anyways more comparisons could be made but I think ya should have gotten my point. Mother Nature often provides some enterest'n comparisons.

Burma Shave Revisited

Now for some old memories on Burma Shave advertisements. Yes, you younger folk, in days of old, we used ta observe these signs along the mostly, two lane highways, as we drove at what today might seem moderate speeds:

These sure bring back old memories.

Burma Shave Revisited

Don't stick your elbow

Out so far

It may go home

In another car

Burma Shave

Trains don't wander

All over the map

"Cause nobody sits

In the engineer's lap

Burma Shave

She kissed the hairbrush

By mistake

She thought it was

Her husband Jake

Burma Shave

Don't lose your head

To gain a minute

You need your head

Your brains are in it

Burma Shave

Drove too long

Driver snoozing

What happened next

Is not amusing

Burma Shave

Brother speeder

Let's rehearse

All together

Good morning, nurse

Burma Shave

Cautious rider

To her reckless dear

Let's have less bull

And a little more steer

Burma Shave

Speed was high

Weather was not

Tires were thin

X marks the spot

Burma Shave

The midnight ride

Of Paul for beer

Led to a warmer


Burma Shave

Around the curve


Beautiful car

Wasn't it?

Burma Shave

No matter the price

No matter how new

The best safety device

In the care is you

Burma Shave

A guy who drives

A car wide open

Is not thinking'

He's just hoping'

Burma Shave

At intersections

Look each way

A harp sound nice

But it's hard to play

Burma Shave

Both hands on the wheel

Eyes on the road

That's the skillful

Driver's code

Burma Shave

The one who drives

When he's been drinking

Depends on you

To do his thinking

Burma Shave

Car in ditch

Driver in tree

The moon was full

And so was he

Burma Shave

Have a good week and treat ever one well.

Remember, Father's Day is in one week and a half (1 1/2).

Hope'n ta see ya in church.

Remember; wherever ya are, whatever ya be a do'n "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke