The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,

On Monday evening, July 10, I took the opportunity to drive around the community of Oquawka after the storm ripped through that morning to see what damage was done. I was in awe to say the least to see the magnitude of trees and branches down no matter what street you turned on as well as some power lines. I saw workers from the electric, tree, cable and phone service companies as well as the fire department and volunteers still out working trying to repair and clean up the most crucial areas in the community around 9 p.m.

When I went through downtown I noticed that both gas stations and the Dollar General store were closed but the grocery store and Subway were still opened. I am very thankful that this small community has these stores and businesses that are opened every day of the week.

Under these circumstances it would have been so helpful if management had kept their stores opened a little later to accommodate the needs of the community and the out of towner's who were there working through the evening. Hopefully an event like this will never o

ccur in our little town again, but if it ever does, perhaps businesses would consider extending their hours just a little longer for a day or two to help the community as it rebounds from such an event.

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Dugan

Dear Editor,

I just observed an accident scene where you could read peoples minds as we rolled up to the scene in the ambulance.

Why were you not here sooner? Let me put it on your shoulders. Why do you not have more people volunteering to help local services to be able to respond faster to help others in time of emergencies?

I know it takes time from your life 24/7 to be there when needed but we need cooperation and willing people to step up to this job.

Take the EMR class starting in Gladstone on August 29th at 6:00 p.m. You will learn basic skills to help the patient till other help arrives. Even if you only help once a month you're working with a team of volunteers helping others.

I've audited both EMR and recent EMT class it covers many skills and up grades your past levels of training to be a team member at any scene.

Yes, we were not at the scene when you snapped your fingers? We form an ambulance crew from trained volunteer members in the county. We gather as quickly as law allows us to get to the scene.

Think long and hard, could you step-up and help cut the time down to get volunteers to an accident scene by taking basic training?

(I've been on nine calls so far this month and it's only 1/2 over)

Mary Alice Huntoon,