The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Take The Quill Along

Deb and Jim Larson took "The Quill" along in Sunnyvale, CA visiting Gabrielle and Robert Crum. Robert is the son of William and Elenore Crum, Jim is the son of Catherine Crum Larson. Both grandsons of James Crum of Disco.

Sphinx is reading "The Quill" to Jim in front of the final resting place of the Stanford family.

Jim and Deb Larson visit his son Tim at Stanford University in March 2016. The photo is taken in front of "The Gates of Hell", a sculpture by Rodin at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford. When you go on a trip, take "The Quill" along, and have your picture taken with it, and send it to us. Let's see where all "The Quill" can travel.