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Business Spotlight

La Harpe Post Office

by Deb Olson, The Quill

In 1836, citizens made application to the Post Office Department in Washington D. C. to establish a post office in La Harpe. Louis Chaffin served as the first postmaster. From the 1930's through 1973 the post office was locted in the corner building on Main and 1st street.

In 1973 the post office moved into the Hoffmeister supermarket building on the opposite corner, until completion of the new post office in 1977. At that time the new building was located just east of the former site and was leased from S. Vorhies of Dallas City.

The La Harpe Post Office serves approximately 900 families in the city and surrounding rural areas.

There are 568 lock boxes for mail delivery in the building.

According to the U. S. Post Office web site ( the following Postmasters have served La Harpe.

Louis R. Chaffin, appointed 06/11/1836

David Gochenour, appointed 1/21/1846

Henry Coulson, appointed 2/2/1853

Henry H. Bliss, appointed 11/26/1856

Epaphroditus C. Coulson, appointed 10/10/1859

Henry H. Bliss, appointed 12/22/1860

William E. Coquillette, appointed 8/25/1865

Ephraim Z. Hills, appointed 6/16/1871

John Warren, appointed 5/13/1873

Edgar L. Warren, appointed 12/22/1876

Selah W. King, appointed 9/11/1882

Joseph R. Booth, appointed 9/29/1884

James C. Coulson, appointed 3/24/1886

Miss Mary Figley, appointed 6/14/1889

Judd Hartzell, appointed 8/1/1896

William O Butler, appointed 12/10/1900

Isaac F. Landis, appointed 8/4/1909

Jinks V. Sperry, appointed 8/1/1913

Susan Gilman, appointed 6/10/1922

Charles H. Ingraham, appointed Acting Postmaster 5/7/1927

Roy C. Hallowell, appointed 2/2/1928

Roy J Bowen, Acting Postmaster appointed 6/30/1954 appointed Postmaster 7/13/1965

Donald C. Stevens, appointed Acting Postmaster 10/28/1960

Donald W. Freeman, appointed Acting Postmaster 7/28/1961

William F. Knobbs appointed Acting Postmaster 1/8/1965, appointed Postmaster 3/30/1965

Carolyn S. Trout, appointed Officer-In-Charge 9/28/1992

Debra K. Michael, appointed Officer-In-Charge 3/3/1993, appointed Postmaster 3/20/1993

Carolyn S. Trout, appointed Officer-In-Charge 9/11/1996, appointed Postmaster 1/4/1997

Tammi I. May, appointed Officer-In-Charge 5/26/2011

Charles L. Schade, appointed Postmaster 6/30/2012

Cynthia Link, appointed Officer-In-Charge 1/2/2015

Rhonda L. Hitchcock, appointed Officer-In-Charge 2/19/2015, appointed Postmaster 4/18/2015

Cynthia Link, appointed Officer-In-Charge 9/18/2015

Wil Rochford, appointed Officer-in-Charge 2/22/2016

Currently, the La Harpe Post Office is open:

Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday hours are 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.

The post office is closed Sunday and Holidays. Postal customers may access the lobby area to check post office boxes and mail letters 24 hours a day.

Current employees, in addition to Officer-in-Charge Wil Rochford include Tammi May, clerk, and Randy Hensley and Don Collins, rural carriers.