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Oquawka Village Decides No Fireworks for 2017

by Deb Olson, The Quill

There will be no 4th of July fireworks this year it was decided at the regulalr Oquawka Village board meeting Tuesday, February 7th.

Many locals would like to see the fireworks display move back to the river but the company that sets up the event, J & M Fireworks of Yarmouth, Iowa, says that there is not enough room at the waterfront and that the use of a barge in the river to shoot off the fireworks is not possible. It was therefore decided that ways to spend the money previously used for fireworks will be a part of next month's agenda.

The council adopted an ordinance approving the purchase of personal property a police car, for $9200

Mayor Sandra Fullerton Moody reported the city made $255 from materials sold for scrap. She reported that the city had already received an application from someone looking to be hired as summer help.

With that, Parks and Recreation chair, Nancy Bundy noted that it is getting time for the city to consider summer help. The board will address that issue in late March or early April.

Village Treasurer Chris Peterson noted that there was difficulty in separating out costs in the James Insurance quotes because some shared expenses such as utilities and telephone aspect cannot be broken down.

Attorney Andy Youngquist informed the board that he had looked at the ADA requirements and felt that the bathroom remodel proposed by the board was a case of "do what you can reasonably do."

Streets and Water report from Jeff Peterson listed 5 water shut offs, 5 water locates and 20 pink slips served.

He took down the Christmas lights, worked on the remodel of the police back room, and cut down a tree at 6th and Henry.

Nancy Bundy asked whether it was taking too much time for workers to deliver pink slips.

After a brief discussion it was determined that the pink slips are a visual reminder to those with delinquent accounts.

Bundy also noted that help is necessary and would be appreciated in moving some items in the board room so that it can be re-painted.

City employees said that they would help.

Police report from Police Chief Keith DeJaynes was as follows:

Criminal cases:

1 domestic battery,

1 criminal trespass,

1 home invasion,

1 stalking,

1 violation of a protective order,

2 unlawful use of a weapon,

3 criminal damage to property.

4 Ambulance assists and

5 county assists.

2 juvenile calls,

2 tavern calls,

2 ordinance violations,

1 golf cart, ATV or side by side permit renewal,

2 welfare checks.

The following citations were issued:

1 D.U.I., 1 improper lane usage, 1 suspended driver's license and 1 unlawful use of an electronic communication device.

1 warning citation issued and 481 other calls.

Two warrant arrests.

Fines paid in January were $100 and administrative fees of $500. .

Fuel used was 151.1 gallons and mileage was 1,560 miles.

Troy Jern reported that the fire department was grateful for the replacement of an out dated toilet at the department.

He noted that heaters are fixed and that brake and master cylinder issues with the tanker had been repaired.

The department answered 4 city fire calls, and assisted at 4 other fire scenes. The department had a CPR class.

The fire department pancake breakfast will be March 18th.

Doug Mueller approached the council about whether he can park his truck on his property to work on it as there have been several complaints from neighbors about him doing this.

He stated that the truck would only be there for a short period of time, just so necessary work could be completed.

The council will discuss this issue at a work session.

Ed Brokaw had requested to speak requesting an easement from the city to use the city property beside his business for unloading delivery trucks beside his restaurant. This request was referred to a work session for discussion of options.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m., next village board meeting to be March 7th at 6:30 p.m.