The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

County Board Reviews Audit

by County Clerk - Kerry Asbridge

At the July 18th meeting of the Hancock County Board Kamryn Screpfer, C.P. A. delivered copies and a brief oral summary of the Audit for Fiscal Year Ending November 30, 2016. She said the general fund balance declined by approximately $45,000 during the year.

She said, "It does not concern me." The decline was approximately one percent of general fund expenditures. She noted the fact that Illinois finally has a state budget should improve finances some.

Schrepfer noted the recently closed Shelter Care Home lost money - but its shut down will positively impact county finances going forward.

Ms. Schrepfer noted the small size of Hancock County and the minimal number of employees does create findings indicating possible weaknesses in its finances. Basically some office are so small duties cannot be separated.

Ms. Schrepfer said the County Health department is doing a better job at financial control. She encouraged better apportionment of several items by program or function: fixed costs, service charges, account receivable, and revenue.

Ambulance collection policies and "bad debt write-offs" were discussed at length. Terri Griffin described review of collections versus runs was made monthly. And approval of accounts to send to collection occurred regularly.

A county resident at the meeting, Tom Rogers of Warsaw, said, "After listening, it seems Ms. Schrepfer is saying the way you (the Ambulance Service)are doing it is fine. Just write it down and make it a policy, and it's solved. This simple, and doesn't need much discussion."

Ms Schrepfer nodded "Yes".

Mr. Bollin moved to place the audit on file. Mr. Finney seconded the motion, and on roll call all members present voted "Yes."

Following an executive session regarding personnel at 6:40 p.m. the board re-entered open session at 7:01, at which time Mr. Cramer moved to terminate Kelli Joiner as Supervisor of Assessments for cause, effective immediately. Mr. Bollin seconded the motion. On roll call voting "Yes" were Bollin, Bolton, Cramer, Finney, Fleming, Hanson, Menn, Scheetz, Smith, Stevens, and Kreps, totaling eleven. Voting "No" were Castelbury, Dittmer, and little, totaling three. Ms. Joiner was terminated. The sheriff escorted Ms. Joiner to her office for return of county property ad recovery of her personal items.

The "Consent Agenda" for the county highway committee was approved for the following:

In other business:

Mr. Menn said a meeting with Hollister to resolve an ongoing billing dispute for services was scheduled for July 19th.

Present at the meeting were: Delbert Kreps, Chairman; Kerry Asbridge, County Clerk; Trustees, Wayne Bollin, Steven Bolton, Dennis Castelbury, Pat Cramer, Gary Dittmer, Stephen Finney, Janet Fleming, Mark Hanson, Don Little, Mark Menn, Thomas Scheetz, Bryan Stevens, and Jerry Smith; Sheriff Scott Bentzinger; Public Transportation Director Nathan Cobb; ambulance administrative assistant Terri Griffin; State Attorney Jason Pohren; Joy Swearingen of the Hancock County Journal Pilot and approximately 35 other guests, many from the Warsaw area.

Kerry Asbridge, County Clerk