The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

BIGGSVILLE VILLAGE BOARD Block Party For Christmas Being Considered

At the Village of Biggsville regular board meeting held on August 2nd, Nanci Street suggested we have a block party for Christmas. The dates suggested were either December 7th or the 16th. Nanci will look into it further.

Amanda Guyton, President called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the pledge of allegiance.

Members present were: Kathie Curtiss, Richard Goff, Kevin Mortimer, Brian Sterett and Nanci Sterett. Absent was Diane Gonzalez.

Others present were: Amanda Guyton, Mayor; Marilyn Simmons, Treasurer; Judy Gravgaard, Clerk; and James Rogers.

There was no discussion in the open forum.

Brian made a motion to accept the invoices, minutes and treasurer report, Dick 2nd motion carried

James reported he had sprayed at the ball diamond, the lagoon and around town. He fixed the mower and mowed. He also moved the dirt from in front of the ambulance building.

There was one request for a permit but has not been purchased.

Framekon gave an estimate of $2,250.00 to fix the corner of the shelter at Reid Park. It is approximately 15 x 15. Dick made a motion to have Frame Kone fix the shelter at Reid Park. Nanci 2nd motion carried.

Brian made a motion to go into closed session to discuss personnel. Kathie 2nd motion carried.

Brian made a motion to come out of closed session at 8:11 p.m. Kathie 2nd motion carried.

Kathie made a motion we put an ad in the Quill and the Current for a part time maintenance position. Brian 2nd motion carried.

Kevin made a motion to adjourn at 7:15 p.m. Nanci 2nd motion carried.

Respectfully submitted

Judy L. Gravgaard

Village Clerk