The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Illinois 200th Birthday Planning

It has been forty years since our Country and County celebrated 200 years of Independence. There were parades, local celebrations, tree plantings, start of the Henderson County Museum in Raritan, reprints of county history books, and logo and art contests.

Now is the time to think ahead to the year 2018 when Illinois celebrates 200 years as the 21st state.

At this month's Henderson County Board meeting, members gave the O.K. to ask for volunteers to help plan events and their ideas of what folks would like to see as a celebration.

If you are interested in celebrating the local and state history, please write to Art Kane, RR 1 Box 28, Media, IL 61460 or call 309-746-6179.

Later this year the volunteers can meet to make plans in the spring of 2017 for the statehood celebration, that will begin December 3, 2017 and will last all of 2018.